Ecosocialist Working Group

We’re launching phase one of the Green New Deal national priority campaign this Thursday, April 14, 2022, 8.30 pm ET! RSVP to join our launch call with the GND Steering Committee, a slate of insurgent climate candidates, and a special guest to discuss how we build the road to ecosocialist power!

Our mission is to ensure that the transition to socialism in the United States is based on sound ecological principles, preserving the viability of the natural and human environments for future generations and other forms of life, and bearing in mind the historical and present inequities imposed by prior forms of society.

This working group seeks to help chapters build local power for climate & environmental justice with the backing of a national network; advance an ecosocialist perspective in environmental justice movements, the DSA & greater left; promote understanding of climate science as well as the intersections of capitalism, imperialism, systemic oppression & climate crisis; and build a socialist movement that reflects the needs of the people and limits of our planet.

The working group’s primary goals are:


  • Help build local power for climate & environmental justice with the backing of a national ecosocialist network;
  • Provide tools and tacit and structured knowledge to organizers, encourage coalition-building;
  • Incubate DSA’s ecosocialist position on climate action, future planning and a just transition;
  • Serve as an assessment body for locals and national to ensure that ground-level organizing and campaigns incorporate and advance a climate justice agenda

Education + Media:

  • Highlight climate and citizen science + the intersections of capitalism, imperialism, and the climate crisis;
  • Produce and provide articles, literature, graphic designs and agitprop;
  • Publicize actions, events, campaigns, disaster responses across the nation, with a special focus on growing, rural, and environmentally vulnerable or affected areas and DSA chapters;
  • Provide spaces for eco-concerned comrades to collaborate and discuss

Any and all interested, dues-paying members are welcome to get involved and help shape the purpose and function of this vitally important, national entity. Join the Climate & Environmental Justice Working Group to fight for truly democratic use of the world’s land and resources, and to stop the damage that capitalism is inflicting upon the earth and the global community.

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