Antifascist Working Group

The far-right, including outright fascist elements, is a stark and growing threat today. The Democratic Socialists of America brings unique strengths and is well placed to help build broader united fronts against the far-right, and bring a democratic socialist perspective into that activity.

The Antifascist Working Group (AFWG) notes that much of the work of DSA helps undercut fascism and white supremacy, and is not duplicating that work. There is also a need for the DSA, and beyond, to come together and stop the far right when they try to spread their hate in public and threaten our communities.

The Antifascist Working Group (AFWG) seeks to be the body that organizes the fight against the far right and U.S. fascism in DSA. Our work in the body will be multiform.

  • We seek to support local antifascist work in DSA chapters and connect and strengthen regional chapters. We seek to organize with local antifascists in opposing the far right, and broaden that struggle in the working class and affected communities.
  • We seek to work in partnership with other Working Groups in the fight against the far right and fascism. We do not seek to duplicate important work they are doing that also undermines the pull of fascism, nor to take people away from such activities, but to support that work and act together when needed.
  • We also seek to create political education with a democratic socialist perspective to help DSA members and the broader working class understand the threat of fascism, identify and root out the far right.
  • We seek to reframe what it means to be antifascist in an outward looking, inviting manner that is most relevant to a Democratic Socialist organization. We seek to work in coalition with others in creating mass mobilizations to counter the far right whenever they try to spread their hate, build, and terrorize communities.

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