Abolition Working Group

Defund. Abolish. Create. 

The National Abolition Working Group was formed to create a collective orientation towards abolitionist organizing within DSA and to build meaningful relationships with external organizations committed to the struggle for liberation. We are both building our internal capacity to do abolitionist work, as well as bolstering existing campaign work through trainings and convenings that provide space for chapter membership to share strategy and resources that move the work forward. We look forward to actualizing the demands outlined in DSA’s Political Platform through mass principled struggle as abolitionists committed to the formation of a socialist society. 

DSA Political Platform

For all of the working class to achieve collective liberation we must constrain, diminish, and abolish the carceral forces of the state — from prisons and police themselves, to their manifestations in all forms throughout society. Each step forward in reducing the size, power, and authority of the repressive forces of the state expands the space for mass, organized, and collective action of the working class, and clears ground for us to build the institutions of a society to serve our communities with real justice and equality.

We are committed to the horizon of abolition and the path leading us there. Our demands:

  • Defund the police by rejecting any expansion to police budgets or scope of enforcement while cutting budgets annually towards zero
  • End the criminalization of working-class survival
  • Freedom for all incarcerated people
  • Demilitarize the police and end colonial policing of our cities and neighborhoods
  • Freedom of working-class self-organization and democratic political action
  • Invest in community self-governance and care, not cops


Looking to develop a Defund campaign? Check out our resource document that consists of toolkits, talking points, and other information to help you and your comrades get organized. Looking to deepen an existing campaign? Keep an eye out for future convenings and opportunities to connect with experienced organizers. Interested in abolitionist campaigns that take a different form? Check out our resource document for inspiration. 

You can also watch our first ever political education event with panelists Rukia Lumumba, Andrea James, DSA WG member Dawn Harrington, and NPC member Kristian Hernandez as well as our panel from the 2021 National DSA Convention.

How to connect with us.

You can add yourself to our contact list or email us at [email protected].

We are currently running bi-weekly reading and discussion groups based on the Study and Struggle curriculum Wednesday evenings from 8-10pm EST beginning Sept. 22nd through December 29th. All readings are available for free online and explore the following themes: relationships, community care, land, climate justice, class, revolution, nation, and state. Register here: https://bit.ly/dsastudystruggle2021