DSA Weekly

Rossana Rodriguez – Fighting from Puerto Rico to Chicago

The prospect of a socialist caucus in a major U.S. city puts some exciting questions back on the table—beyond whether we can elect a socialist, what can multiple socialists elected to local office accomplish today?

U.S. Withdrawal from Syria: A DSA Dialogue

Is Trump’s withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria to be welcomed, or seen as a gift to the Turkish state and an abandonment of the Kurds? Sharp differences on this question continue even inside DSA’s International Committee.

Meet Ugo Okere, the 22-year-old Socialist Running for Chicago City Council

Through the course of his campaign Okere has stood on the picket lines in solidarity with striking hotel workers in downtown Chicago and with ACERO charter school teachers in two separate instances.
But perhaps the biggest proof of his conviction is his involvement with Chicago DSA. Unlike most DSA-endorsed candidates, who approach the organization from the outside, Okere is one of few who came from within.

Solidarity Is a Verb

Through their work, DSA Los Angeles is demonstrating the ways in which strike support is one of the most crucial activities the socialist Left can undertake. Although some argue it has limited political utility—after all, we can’t control the course of a strike—strike support builds trust, demonstrates unconditional solidarity, and helps prolong and support difficult confrontations between workers and the boss.