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OP-ED: Restoring respectful discussion: A practical guide

  A recent article called for “wholehearted praxis” in how we interact with our comrades, and argued against “internal policing.” I think the intent was good, but the article did not offer a concrete analysis of what goes wrong in personal interactions where there are legitimate political disagreements, and only gave vague advice about what…

Climate Change Needs a Short-Term Plan and a Global One

The democratic left generally agrees that using renewable energy is necessary to defeat climate change and is becoming more focused on moving our nation to a renewable future. Yet we also know that climate change is a global problem. The International Energy Agency’s (IEA) latest forecast gives us a hint of what we need to do globally.

Part Two, American Socialism Then and Now

Those of us who declare ourselves socialists must reaffirm our radicalism, envision a truly revolutionary anti-capitalist future, and understand that today, as in Gilded Age America, the our cause is increasingly that of a radical democracy struggling to be born.

American Socialism, Then and Now (Part One)

As Mark Twain once said, history never repeats itself, but sometimes it rhymes. So here are some observations about the outlook of self conscious leftists during three historic moments.

OP-ED: We Stand With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

DSA’s strength as a democratic socialist organization depends upon this freedom of thought and expression and the right to dissent. It makes it possible for all DSA members – and especially voices that are not always heard – to be part of the ongoing collective development of our politics and vision.

OP-ED: Identities Mistaken: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Many readers found it difficult to recognize Asad Haider’s book in Melissa Naschek’s Jacobin review. One explanation is that her piece is not so much a review of Haider’s book but a polemic about recent struggles in the Philly DSA.

Editorial: The Mistaken Universalism

by R.L. Stephens DSA National Political Committee & Editor-in-Chief of DSA Weekly Melissa Naschek’s much-discussed Jacobin article The Identity Mistake has been a useful touchstone for clarifying various political lines in DSA. One such responsive offering, Race, Class, and Socialist Strategy by Jeremy Gong & Eric Blanc, is an important attempt at staking out political…

OP-ED: The Conquest of Ballots, Part Two: A Perilous Path

The conquest of ballots will not be bipartisan. Every step of the way, there will be conflict, and if we want to win, we cannot shy away from it. Instead, we must embrace the battle of democracy, using it as a catalyst for mass radicalization and mobilization.

OP-ED: The Conquest of Ballots

If our goal is to build a principled socialist movement with revolutionary ambitions, the very idea of two-party rule should be noxious to us and we must fight it tooth and nail. We need to conquer the ballot—to force a democratizing overhaul of the American electoral system.

OP-ED: We’re all Bad Socialists and That’s OK: A Call for Wholehearted Praxis – Democratic Socialists of America

OP-ED: We’re all Bad Socialists and That’s OK: A Call for Wholehearted Praxis By Joshua Whitaker This piece is the first in a series we’re calling “Bad Socialists.” DSA has ambitions for real national coordination as an unprecedentedly decentralized organization. This series aims to improve our internal discourse and operation in order to support those…