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Stay Furious with Democratic Left’s Winter Issue: Socialist Feminism

DSA’s quarterly, Democratic Left, is now online — and it’s hard to express the richness of the Winter Issue on socialist feminism. But Maria Svart’s introduction, below, gave us a good start. Let us know what moves you the most! (Eds.) First, Christine Riddiough reminds us of our forgotten history and points toward a twenty-first century socialist…

Anti-Imperialism and China

Before launching into critiques of China, we must learn to understand the complexity of its situation. Understanding a method of resistance and solidarity is undoubtedly difficult, but perhaps China’s working-class and intellectual communities have already been offering us some models.

The DSA Community

Every DSA chapter should devote a great deal of its time to formalizing democratic process at their regular and general meetings. This means making sure that all members are encouraged to submit resolutions; that agendas are distributed well in advance of meetings; that all resolutions are debated; that parliamentary rules are obeyed; that votes are publicized and respected; and so forth. Formalizing the democratic process gives all members the sense thatthis is simply what we do.

As Amazon’s Power Metastasizes, Hit the Global Supply Chain! Organize!

Supply chains are also networks of labor. For all the technology in modern business, when the hand and mind of labor are removed, things stop. Even Amazon’s famous Kiva robot becomes so much dead capital and fixed cost when the “fulfillment center” worker to whom it delivers a product isn’t there to receive it.

DSA’ers Reclaiming Armistice Day

Each year’s Armistice Day should include dissenting soldiers, for their contribution to what we now understand about militarism and injustice.

DSA’s Year of the Woman

It’s not only that a focus on women, particularly women of color, begins to level the playing field of politics, but that the women we endorse represent through their work and their campaigns the struggles we are involved in, struggles to build a just and fair society.

Housing Justice: DSA Endorses California’s Proposition 10!

(From the 2010 Rally to Restore Sanity. Photo: David Shankbone) On October 24, DSA’s nationally elected leadership, the National Political Committee (NPC), voted to endorse California’s Proposition 10. This ballot initiative would expand rent control, preventing evictions and stabilizing communities in the face of gentrification. Proposition 10, the Affordable Housing Act, would allow communities to…


OP-ED: Restoring respectful discussion: A practical guide

  A recent article called for “wholehearted praxis” in how we interact with our comrades, and argued against “internal policing.” I think the intent was good, but the article did not offer a concrete analysis of what goes wrong in personal interactions where there are legitimate political disagreements, and only gave vague advice about what…

Climate Change Needs a Short-Term Plan and a Global One

The democratic left generally agrees that using renewable energy is necessary to defeat climate change and is becoming more focused on moving our nation to a renewable future. Yet we also know that climate change is a global problem. The International Energy Agency’s (IEA) latest forecast gives us a hint of what we need to do globally.