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Introduction to Democratic Socialism Readings

Ever wonder what a realistically achievable, fair and egalitarian society would look like, or how we might go about moving society in that direction? What would it mean to have democracy not only at the polling place, but also at the work place? What would politics, the economy and society look like where no person’s voice was heard over anyone else’s simply because of money, power, sexism, or racism?

Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) believe that offering a realistic vision of a better society is crucial right now. Both Republicans and Democrats remain caught under the spell of the unjust, antidemocratic and inhumane economic and political policies known as neoliberalism.

We invite you to discuss, debate and learn from these key DSA documents (as individuals or in study groups). DSA does not have a “line” or a dogmatic approach to political questions, but our members share the belief that only by democratizing control over economic and social life can we defend and expand political and civil rights.

Key readings in democratic socialist theory and practice are listed below.

Where DSA Stands Today
Resistance Rising: Socialist Strategy in the Age of Political Revolution

Introduction to Democratic Socialist Theory
Towards Freedom: Democratic Socialist Theory and Practice, by Jason Schulman and Joseph Schwartz

Introduction to Race and Democratic Socialism
Toward a Socialist Theory of Racism, by Cornel West

The Politics of Race, by Joseph Schwartz

Justice for Undocumented Immigrants: Demand a Real Path to Citizenship

Introduction to Socialist Feminism
Democracy and Care Unbound: On Feminism’s Abiding Political Relevance, by Michele Rossi

The Socialist Feminism Project, by Nancy Holstrom,

Introduction to Queer Socialism
Queer Reflections, by David McReynolds

Common Ground: The Queerness of Welfare Policy, by Joseph deFillipis

Introduction to Democratic Socialism and Economic Justice
The Economic Justice Agenda

DSA History
A Brief History of the American Left, by Maurice Isserman

Building the Next Left