This Struggle is Real, Part 2: Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation and the Rotten System

This week, Congress reminded us all how little regard they hold for the needs of the working class. Republicans prioritized a rush vote on Amy Coney Barrett while millions of us have been waiting on relief from the pandemic, and Democratic party leadership failed to use the many procedural tools they’d promised to use to delay the process.

Barrett’s confirmation ensures that SCOTUS decisions on extending mail-in ballot deadlines in Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania favor a Republican agenda where our votes don’t matter. Barrett’s positions on LGBTQ rights, abortion, health care and workers’ rights will benefit donors and power brokers at the expense of the working class. Instead of playing by the rules of this rotten, deeply undemocratic system, we must build the power necessary to force the Supreme Court to make the right decisions. As the mass uprisings this summer in response to police violence that paved the way for a favorable DACA decision showed us, mass action works.

We can assume that with a 6-3 court dynamic, Republicans will come after immigrants and likely rescind the DACA program in its entirety. So, we must organize and fight.

Fight for an ecosocialist Green New Deal that prioritizes good union jobs for those most impacted by climate change.

Fight for an end to the systematic torture and murder of Black and Brown comrades at the hands of the police and ICE.

Fight for health justice through Medicare for All.

Our task now as the largest U.S. socialist organization in half a century is to continue building a mass movement by welcoming in new members (over 5000 in the last month) and defending and rebuilding democracy.

We know from the amazing victories of working people in Bolivia and Chile that when we fight, we win. Their situations were the inverse of ours — it took months of protests and strikes before they could vote to overturn a coup government and overturn a fascist-era constitution — but in their cases and in ours, victory came through the exercise of collective power. Organization is the weapon of the working class. Join us in the struggle.