Statement from Dayton/Miami Valley DSA on Dayton, Ohio mass shooting

This statement was written by Dayton/Miami Valley DSA, Ohio. We are posting it in solidarity.

We, the Dayton/Miami Valley chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, mourn for our Dayton sisters and brothers. We are horrified, angered, and devastated by the unacceptable violence that happened in our city yesterday and has happened across our country too many times in too many places.

Make no mistake: Dayton and the Miami Valley as a whole are resilient. We will rise from this, just as we did when the Klan tried to recruit in our city and when the Memorial Day tornadoes tore through our community days later. But we must not fail to recognize that this tragedy, as with so many others, arises directly from our nation’s refusal to reckon with the glorification of violence, weaponry, and hatred.

May the families of the slain find peace, and may our leadersĀ #DoSomething.