Our Lives Are Not For Sale! Stop the Giveaway of Medicare to Wall Street! 

Medicare for All, not profit over people!

Capital continues to find new ways to exploit the U.S. healthcare system. The latest attack on the health and safety of the working class is Direct Contracting, an attempt to further entrench private profit into the U.S. healthcare system. Direct Contracting Entities (DCEs) are for-profit intermediaries that manage medical care and threaten the coverage of seniors and the disabled to maintain the domination of private profit. The parasitic capitalist parties are again aligned in their values of placing profit over people — the Trump administration started this scheme in 2020 and the Biden administration is adding over 40% more DCEs in 2022.

The Biden administration could halt the program immediately but instead seems hellbent on creating even more opportunities for venture capitalists and private firms to profit from the medical vulnerabilities of seniors and the disabled. DCEs threaten any movement for universal healthcare and Medicare for All and we reject them in their entirety.

Workers demand an end to Direct Contracting Entities. Healthcare must be universal, guaranteed, public, and free – nothing less! As socialists, we reject the further privatization of our public service and will continue to fight for universal social programs through a mass working class movement. The wealthy and their politicians will continue to rob us until we organize and fight back. Stop DCEs – fight for Medicare for All!

What can we do to stop this from happening? 

  1. RSVP for the upcoming organizing call on February 22nd @ 5 PST // 8 EST and strategize against this  ghoulish effort to privatize Medicare.
  2. Can’t make the call? Join the DSA Medicare for All Campaign  as we fight for universal, single-payer healthcare.
  3. Use our 2022 Medicare for All organizing guide to help your chapter host political education events and canvasses to build your community’s opposition to DCEs.

Join DSA and help build a working class movement to fight politicians who will stop at nothing to sell our healthcare to the highest bidder.