No Money for Massacres

We demand that no money be spent on massacres.


The Israeli government has openly called for the forced displacement of 1.1 million Palestinians living in Gaza. The defense minister has referred to Palestinians as “animals.” This is the language of genocide.


In the face of the imminent ethnic cleansing of over a million people, the US State Department has actively rejected calls for a ceasefire and an end to the violence. This is more than just complicity. The Biden administration is actively supporting the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. As democratic socialists, we demand that no money be given to fuel a massacre.

We call on every member of Congress to demand an immediate ceasefire and to vote against providing military aid to the Israeli state. Silence is not an option. Elected officials have a choice. You can stand on the right side of history in favor of peace and against apartheid. Or you can cheerlead a massacre.


History will remember which you choose.