Statement on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex Rights

Passed at the DSA convention November 2011, Updated May 2017

DSA’s socialism is based on a profound commitment to democracy, justice and liberation. We fight for the freedom of all people to determine all aspects of their lives to the greatest extent possible.

Our vision entails nothing less than the radical democratization of all areas of life. Historically, one of the most long-standing and deeply rooted challenges to self-determination and equality has been the system of patriarchy and sexism abetted by capitalism. The rigid hierarchies patriarchy has erected still affect all aspects of culture, but they are most strongly associated with sex and gender roles.

DSA´s commitment to socialist feminism entails fighting to end sexism and the rule of patriarchy in all realms of life, including the economy, and the public sphere, as well as in and private relationships. DSA advocates for the following specific demands as a central part of our vision of a more just and equal society.

  1. DSA is committed to confronting anti-gay prejudice within its ranks and supports all efforts toward fostering understanding and cooperation among persons and groups of differing sexual orientations and gender identities.
  2. DSA welcomes the creation of a Working Group to advocate for LGBTQIA+ liberation, create educational programs within DSA, coordinate efforts with like-minded groups, publish papers and pamphlets and support legislation to abolish discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community, among other activities.
  3. DSA supports the continued protection of same-sex marriages in all the States and Territories of the United States of America, but views marriage as only a first step in recognizing the diversity of human relationships.
  4. DSA calls for full legal protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation and/or gender identity in housing, jobs, education, public accommodations, health care and other areas of civil and political life. DSA advocates for local and federal non- discrimination laws and insists that religious beliefs cannot be used to justify bias. DSA calls for the repeal of state sodomy laws and other anti-LGBTQIA+ discriminations and also opposes efforts of all American entities to impose anti-LGBTQIA+ legislation abroad. DSA recognizes that discrimination based on sex, gender and identity most often disproportionately affects women and people of color.
  5. DSA supports making public schools safe and bias-free for LGBTQIA+ students, defending their free speech and expression in schools. DSA believes that LGBTQIA+ students should have full access to facilities reflecting their gender, inclusion in all events and activities and freedom to organize gay-straight alliance clubs in all levels of education.
  6. DSA believes healthcare is a human right and supports a single-payer, Medicare-for-All system that is fully inclusive of the health needs of the LGBTQIA+ community, including unrestricted access to reproductive, gender transition and mental/behavioral healthcare, as well as complete coverage for sexual wellness and STI prevention and treatment.
  7. DSA supports the rights of LGBTQIA+ parents and challenges all discriminatory laws that restrict those rights.
  8. DSA advocates for changes in the immigration system to recognize same-sex relationships, including marriages, domestic partnerships and long-standing relationships, on the same basis as heterosexual relationships in approving visas, residency and citizenship.
  9. The Right’s continual war against women, lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and trans people has gained ground with the election of Donald Trump. The Trump/Pence Administration poses formidable challenges to socialist feminists and LGBTQIA+ people in particular.

    Trump has opposed marriage equality and committed himself to the harassment of countless LGBTQIA+ women, people of color, indigenous cousins and immigrants. He supports legislation that would limit access for trans people and others to restrooms, such as North Carolina’s anti-LGBTQIA+ law, HB2. He has said he would sign legislation, like the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA), which would enable Kim Davis-style discrimination across the country. Many of his Cabinet appointments reflect a harsh stance against LGBTQIA+ rights. DSA opposes any effort by this administration or by Congress to weaken or restrict LGBTQIA+ rights.