DSA Supports the Highlander Education and Research Center. Y’allidarity.

We are saddened and angry to hear about the fire at the Highlander Education and Research Center on Friday morning, March 29, 2019, in New Market, Tennessee.

The fire is under investigation by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and the Tennessee Bomb and Arson Section. And this morning, the Highlander Center announced that a symbol connected to the white power movement was spray-painted on the parking lot connected to the main office. You can read the Highlander Center’s updated statement here.

Highlander has been training and educating movement leaders since 1932 and has been in its current location since 1971. Although no one was injured, the devastating fire destroyed the main office building, including decades of historic documents and memorabilia from social justice movements including the civil rights movement.

We stand in solidarity with all of those affected in Appalachia, across the South and in all the corners across the world that Highlander has touched. We encourage DSA members to support their grassroots organizing training in Appalachia and across the South. You can donate directly to the Highlander Center here. After clicking the link, mark “Highlander General Fund” for your gift.

For more updates, you can follow the Highlander Center on Facebook and Twitter.