DSA Statement on UK Election Results

From the DSA National Political Committee (NPC)

Over the last several months, DSA has not been merely watching the Labour campaign — we have been deeply invested in it, with our members and leaders doing everything they can to support our comrades in the UK. We understand that the fates of our two countries, and of the international working class, are inextricably linked.

We wish today’s results had been different, and we stand in deep and unconditional solidarity with the working class — with the women, queer people, people of color, immigrants, disabled people, and marginalized people — of Britain, who will be hurt daily by the policies of the Tory government. It is not lost on us that Brexit was a major factor in this election, and that xenophobia, Islamophobia, and racism have served as blunt tools in the hands of the Tories.

Labour’s loss does not mean that socialist politics are unpopular or unnecessary in this moment. Rather, this loss reflects the ongoing erosion of democracy at the hands of the ruling class and the shutting-out of the working class from the rooms where its own fate is determined. This is the result of policies dating back to Thatcher and the rise of neoliberalism, and the reality of the hard fight we still have ahead of us: our opposition has power, a stranglehold on the media, and not one shred of humanity.

We deeply admire the work that the Labour Party and Momentum have done over the last five years to rebuild working-class power and bring people into the political fold. We know that this work is never over, and that it will take us years to undo the deep political disenfranchisement of our class.

We hope this loss will not lead us to despair, but rather deepen our convictions. Our lives and the planet depend on us and our efforts to fight for collective liberation, and for the hope of the world.

We will continue to fight for the many, not the few, and we stand with those doing the same, regardless of today’s results in the UK. Onwards in struggle!