DSA Statement on 2024 Election: Drop Out Biden

Last night’s debate made clear what DSA and the hundreds of thousands of voters who supported Uncommitted in the primaries have been saying for months: Biden must drop out.

Biden was elected in 2020 because young people, people of color, and the working class rejected Donald Trump’s far-right politics. It was these voters who prevented a second Trump term with the highest turnout in an election in decades. 

Yesterday, these same voters witnessed a man who is unfit to lead. During the debate, both candidates repeatedly fought to appear the most pro-cop, pro-war, and anti-immigration, and ignored questions on issues such as childcare, racial justice, and democracy. Even before this debate, Biden’s support for genocide in Gaza, his enactment of racist immigration policy, and his failure to improve the livelihoods of the working class as millions of Americans continue to struggle economically have made him a pariah to the base that carried him to office.

If Biden is the nominee in November, Trump will be president in January, and corporate Democrats will have no one to blame but themselves.

Make no mistake, a return of Trump would be disastrous for the working class here and abroad.  Democratic Party elites have cynically coronated an eighty-two-year-old who is aiding and abetting Israel’s genocide. This is not the candidate for the moment to defeat Trump, prevent the rise of fascism, and fight for democracy in America. The thousands of people who were essential to Biden’s victory in 2020 and turning out the vote have been alienated by the horrors in Gaza and Biden’s complicity in them. Biden must be replaced by a candidate who will stop the genocide in Gaza and will stand with the people of Palestine, who will fight for working class people, and who can stand up with the masses against both fascism and the capitalist class.

In this election, your vote is between Democrats and Republicans. But you have another choice: to fight back. Join a working class movement that can take on both the far right and the centrist status quo Democrats. Join us to fight against fascism and For Our Rights: In 2024, Workers Deserve More!

Our political system was not built for us; it was built to hoard wealth and power for the ruling class, which has led to the situation we’re in today. We are fighting for a real democracy that belongs to the people, for an economy that meets the needs of the working class rather than the rich, and for an end to the United States empire. Both parties of our ruling class support genocide. Only a party of the working class can stop them. DSA’s For Our Rights program declares our mission to “unite workers into a powerful political movement to win the battle for democracy,” overthrowing our ruling class and building a new, democratic system of government meant to serve the people rather than the rich. Workers deserve better, and if we fight, we can win.

Tell the Democratic Party leadership that Biden must step aside! 

And join DSA today to fight for a better world, an end to war and genocide, and the future that we all want.