DSA statement in support of workers on strike at Marriott

Democratic Socialists of America stands strongly in support of nearly 8,000 hotel workers of UNITE HERE on strike at Marriott for a fair and livable wage and safe working conditions. Marriott is the largest and wealthiest hotel company in the world, with more employees than Facebook, Microsoft, or Boeing. The company profits have increased 279% since the recession. UNITE HERE has been in contract negotiations with the company for many months in several cities. The various local unions went to their respective bargaining tables with one unifying principle: “One Job Should Be Enough.” This would soon become a rallying cry for the hotel workers who, like many others, often have to work second jobs simply to pay their bills.

Marriott workers are striking for livable wages, fair and sustainable workloads, and reasonable health and retirement benefits. They are also calling for rules to protect them from sexual harassment and to have a voice in the introduction of new technology.  For the 270,000 workers of UNITE HERE, the outcome of this fight could set an important precedent in the hotel and hospitality industry.

Therefore, DSA pledges:

  • To support Marriott hotel workers by not eating, sleeping or meeting at any Marriott on strike or in the event of a boycott, and will encourage our members to do the same.
  • To respect women and not engage or tolerate harassment of hotel workers in any form.
  • To encourage local chapters of DSA, wherever and whenever possible, to continue to support workers by joining picket lines and contributing to strike funds (see links below).
  • DSA members not living near hotels on strike are encouraged to sign the pledge as individuals to not eat, sleep, or meet at any Marriott that goes on strike or under boycott, as well as ask your local DSA chapter, union, or other community group to sign the pledge as an organization:
  • To encourage members to follow and participate in the online actions called for by the union here:
  • To encourage our members to better understand this strike by taking the time to hear and share the stories of the workers:

The Democratic Socialist Labor Commission will facilitate and coordinate with local DSA chapters in order to educate our members and support boycott activity. East Bay DSA, San Francisco DSA, Detroit DSA, Silicon Valley DSA, Boston DSA, San Diego DSA and Honolulu DSA have all supported picket lines in their respective cities with boots on the ground. Chicago DSA also provided strike support during the recent UNITE HERE strike of over 6,000 workers at 26 downtown hotels. Many have also provided material support, bringing food to the picket lines or raising funds to help workers pay their bills. Fundraisers are set up through local labor councils in Detroit, Hawaii, Oakland, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose and Boston.

DSA supports these workers in their fight for a better future, and believes they are 100 percent correct when they say ONE JOB SHOULD BE ENOUGH! to provide for themselves and their families. Their fight has inspired the working class, and is a courageous escalation in the movement of workers standing up for fair wages and their communities all across the country in 2018, including striking teachers, healthcare workers, university workers, and more.

People interested in helping with Marriott strike support should email the DSLC at [email protected]