DSA Stands With UAW Workers

DSA stands in solidarity with the ​​150,000 UAW auto workers in their contract fight against the Big Three Detroit car makers — General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis. As of midnight, Ford Michigan Assembly Plant (Final Assembly and Paint) in Wayne, Stellantis Toledo Assembly Complex in Ohio and General Motors Wentzville Assembly in Missouri are on strike. Workers in other plants will continue working under the expired agreement, with no contract extensions. Future timing and locations of strike targets will be announced by the UAW based on progress at the negotiating table.

Their contract demands include an increase in wages and pensions, eliminating tiers, a 32-hour work week, a just transition to electric vehicles, with EV workers not relegated to second class, and the ability to strike over plant closures, among others.

Their demands are inspiring, but well within reach. The Big 3 companies are raking in record profits off the backs of their workers. These brave workers are striking today to take back power on the shop floor and win a better future, and we could not admire them more.

Over the past several weeks, DSA has prepared its members across the country to get strike ready to support the UAW auto workers. From electeds, to union workers, to DSA members in chapters large and small, we are ready to support our UAW siblings.

Today, we stand beside them on the picket lines, and we will continue to do so until they win the contract they deserve. The fight of the UAW auto workers is the fight of all of us. Solidarity forever!