DSA Stands with Congresswoman Omar

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is under attack by both Donald Trump and neoliberal Democrats for a tweet highlighting the financial influence of AIPAC. In the wake of the Tree of Life massacre and the increasing influence of genuinely anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in the United States, DSA finds these attacks a cynical attempt to instill fear in Representative Omar and DSA member Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, two women of color in Congress breaking new ground by vocally supporting Palestinian liberation.

That Democrats who condemned Trump’s Travel Ban in prior years would lead this charge is the height of hypocrisy, demonstrates that they share Trump’s fear of a left wing, grassroots movement questioning the right of the few to rule the many, and illuminates their willingness to pit working people against each other in their quest to maintain their power. Further, it is complicit with the Republican strategy of dividing the Democratic voting bloc and deflecting attention from their anti-BDS bill, which would violate Americans’ civil rights.

We call on DSA members to contact their Congressional delegation and urge they publicly support Rep. Omar and unite against the anti-BDS bill.

DSA’s National Political Committee (NPC) Steering Committee has also voted to co-sign the Jewish Solidarity Caucus’s statement supporting Rep. Ilhan Omar. You can read this statement here.

The DSA Twin Cities chapter statement can also be read here.