DSA Red Deal Statement of Endorsement

The Democratic Socialists of America is proud to endorse The Red Deal, an indigenous centered set of policy recommendations that was written by The Red Nation. We are also proud to endorse the work of The Red Nation and commit to a long-term partnership with them in the furtherance of decolonizing our society. The Red Nation is a group of radical indigenous people that are fighting back against the US imperialist settler colonialist state. They are not just fighting for land and sovereignty, but for survival.

The Red Deal focuses on four major principles:

  • What Creates the Crisis Cannot Solve It
  • Change Comes from Below and to the Left
  • Politicians Can’t Do What Only Mass Movements Can
  • From Theory to Action

What creates crisis cannot solve it: Divestment is only half the solution; we need to take the money that we have divested from harmful industries and invest it into programs that will benefit those most scarred.

Changes from below and to the Left: We must work to empower the poor and downtrodden, to help them to assert their natural power and demand back what was taken from them for so long.

Politicians can’t do what only mass movements do: We must embrace non-reformist reforms to achieve our dreams of abolition, decolonization, and liberation.

And finally,

From Theory to Action: We must take what we have learned from the radical traditions of old and new to mobilize and fight with renewed vigor.

The endorsement of The Red Deal and The Red Nation is in line with our statements on Decolonization and Ecosocialism and reflects the consensus of the attendees of the 2019 DSA National Convention.

The DSA reiterates its full commitment to decolonization, deoccupation, demilitarization, and full repatriation of indigenous lands — policies that are essential to ensuring a socially just and environmentally sustainable future. We also look forward to a fruitful and mutually beneficial partnership with The Red Nation in all areas of activism moving forward.