DSA endorses vision and policy demand statement of Freedom is the Future

DSA endorses the vision and policy demand statement of the Freedom is the Future campaign, organized by the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights and the Adalah project, two of the largest U.S.-based Palestine solidarity organizations. The statement has been endorsed by a large number of leftist and progressive organizations and individuals in the United States, including the DSA BDS and Palestine Working Group and the International Committee. You can find a full list of endorsers on the Freedom is the Future website. The full statement is below. To get more involved with DSA’s BDS and Palestine Working Group, you can sign up here.

Freedom is the Future

A Vision of Justice from Palestinians in the United States

Palestinians in the United States declare that freedom is the future. What follows is a vision of justice grounded in Palestinian demands for freedom and self-determination, our right to return to our homeland, the space to thrive, and our right to resist for the better world we know is possible.

There is a global divide between those who believe in freedom and dignity for all and those who justify oppression and supremacy. The Palestinian struggle for freedom from Israel’s daily violence against our people and ongoing settler colonization of our land is part of a universal struggle for collective liberation.

Our work for freedom is rooted in the lessons of our elders to care for the earth, our people, and our heritage. We will not give in to injustice. We will not be erased.

Zionism, the political ideology that drives Israel’s oppression of Palestinians is a form of supremacy and is inherently anti-Palestinian. Israel denies us basic rights and pushes us off our land to maintain a state that privileges one people over another. Israel shares strategies with the United States’ own settler colonial violence against Indigenous people, as well as the U.S. war against the poor and oppressed.

In a clear example, the U.S. and Israeli government conduct joint police and military exchanges where worst practices are shared. Israeli tactics informed U.S. repression of the Ferguson uprising and Standing Rock water protectors. Our struggles are unique, but we are all fighting for a better world.

It’s long past time to divest from oppression and invest in our communities. In the U.S., we should invest in healthcare for all, equal access to education, and a healthier environment to ensure we have a future worth fighting for, instead of using our tax dollars to prop up imperialism and violence around the globe.

The U.S. government uses taxpayer funds — $3.8 billion annually — to bolster Israel’s military, making us complicit in Israel’s violence. We Palestinians in the U.S. are forced to fund our own oppression.

We demand that the U.S. immediately end all military funding to Israel and other forms of military, economic, and diplomatic support until Israel upholds the rights of Palestinians and our vision of justice.

We uplift the following demands of our people across the globe for full justice:

What Justice Requires

1. See Us, Hear Us: Justice Requires Palestinian Self-Determination

We demand our right to self-determination. We have the right to dream, to make choices, to shape our lives and futures. We must be free to govern ourselves without interference. We have the right to preserve and express our language, culture, heritage, and peoplehood. We have the right to our land and natural resources. We speak for ourselves and must be consulted and listened to regarding our future. Nothing about us should be without us.

2. Return is the Future: Justice Requires our Right of Return

We demand the fulfillment of the right of all Palestinians to return to their homeland. Like all people, Palestinians should have the freedom to stay, the freedom to move, and the freedom to return to their homes. We demand the right for all Palestinians to travel freely to Palestine with no interrogations, deportations, racial or religious profiling, or militarized borders. Return is the first step towards realizing historic justice and decolonizing our lands.

3. Let’s Get Free: Justice Requires Freedom for all Palestinians

We demand freedom for all Palestinians. Israel cannot continue to control our land and lives. We demand the end of Israel’s ongoing illegal military occupation — including East Jerusalem and the  blockade against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip — and apartheid policies. We demand the right to move freely and to live wherever we choose. We, the Indigenous people of Palestine, are entitled to full freedom on our land.

4. Safety for All: Justice Requires the Freedom to Thrive

We demand the freedom to thrive and live in safety and dignity. We demand an end to Israel’s  structural violence and systematic destruction of Palestinian lives and livelihoods. We cannot thrive with a boot on our necks. We don’t want handouts; we want the freedom to build our own just and liberated society that is free of classism, patriarchy, homophobia, racism, and bigotry in all forms. Without stability, safety, and agency, Palestinians cannot live full lives.

5. Struggle with Us: Justice Requires our Right to Resist for a Better World

We demand the right to resist our oppression. We demand the right to live without fear of political repression when exercising our right to assembly, dissent, and speech. We should be free to organize our communities in pursuit of justice and liberation. We demand an end to unconstitutional legislation denying our right to boycott for human rights.

We call on people of conscience to support our struggle for freedom and and join us in fighting for collective liberation towards justice for all.

These demands are authored by Palestinians in the U.S., and emerged as part of a process supported by Adalah Justice Project and the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights.