Bernie Wins New Hampshire

The working-class and young voters of New Hampshire showed up in huge numbers tonight to vote for Bernie Sanders after a massive grassroots effort to get out the vote. The ground campaign took DSA members across the state to knock on doors, canvass colleges, and call voters with a consistent message: the working class is ready to fight for the bold democratic socialist vision of Bernie Sanders and DSA. They want Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, immigration justice and an end to mass incarceration and pointless wars. They said the same in 2012 and 2018 when they elected DSA members Tim Smith and Mark King respectively to the State Senate and they said it again today. The billionaire class will pay for these plans with the wealth they’ve stolen from our labor. We are taking back a Democratic Party dominated by corporate interests, Wall Street, and the elite. We will accept nothing less.

This victory in New Hampshire is the second for Senator Sanders and is another important step toward winning the radical changes necessary to empower the working class. We saw the party try to suppress a Sanders victory in Iowa but our voices will not be silenced. We’re proud to be part of an unprecedented and growing movement that is working together to transform the United States. That is why we’ve elected more than 100 democratic socialists to office in the last two years, supported striking workers everywhere, and built neighborhood power in our communities. We’re ready to work harder than ever in the weeks and months ahead to help elect Bernie Sanders and to push the movement for democratic socialism forward.