I am an HGO who has not yet been trained at a regional conference.

If you are newly elected, have not yet been added to our HGO database, or you need to update any of the information you previously supplied, please use this form: Who are your chapter HGOs?

If you would like to participate in our webinar trainings, watch here for the link:

  • No webinars are scheduled at this time, but links will be added here when webinars have been scheduled.

If you will be attending the 2019 DSA Convention in Atlanta, watch here for information about HGO training sessions:

  • Information about training at the Convention is not yet available, but will be added here once HGO training has been scheduled.

We have created a Model Harassment Grievance Document that will assist you in creating a customized form for your chapter.

Here is the final version of the slides that were presented at the Webinar.

  • If you attended one of the earlier trainings, please review these slides or keep them handy for reference. Based on feedback from trainers and participants, we edited the slides before each regional conferences and made improvements as we went along: DSA Regional Training Curriculum

We are preparing an HGO guide, which will be a compilation of memos, checklists, and other helpful information developed by Paula and her team.  In the meantime, we will be adding HGO resources over time here on this page, so please let Paula know what additional resources will be helpful to you in your work.

NPC Resolution 33-Related Decisions: The NPC has passed several measures to resolve unanswered questions and/or provide additional interpretation of Resolution 33 as the NPC and the NHGO work to implement the resolution nationwide and resolve issues arriving in certain grievance appeals. These decisions provide further clarity as to how Resolution 33 will be interpreted by the NHGO and the NPC in addressing appeals, and to implement best practices in ensuring the policy is accompanied by procedures that execute its intent.

 Chapter Impartiality Form: To be used when sharing the HGO’s recommendation with the chapter leadership, to ensure that each member of the leadership body (known as the Steering Committee, Coordinating Committee, Executive Committee, etc.) agrees to keep the information confidential, will decide the matter fairly and impartially, and will recuse themselves if unable to do so or there is a conflict of interest.

Resolution 33 at the 2017 DSA national convention required chapters to submit data annually about grievances processed. The first Annual Report covers July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019 and will provide a baseline for comparison in future reports. 2018-2019 Annual Report on Resolution 33

Information about harassment grievances for DSA members

*NEW* DSA Meeting Code of Conduct