Regarding Harassment, Bullying and Conflict Resolution in DSA

FAQs Regarding Harassment, Bullying and Conflict Resolution in DSA

In order to strengthen DSA and our ability to both hold members accountable for unacceptable behavior, and help us work through legitimate disagreements productively, we are investing member dues in three main areas of internal work around Harassment, Conflicts and Bullying.

DSA’s Harassment Policy is found in Resolution 33, passed at the 2017 Annual Convention.

Unlike many organizations, we don’t just have a token policy and consider our work done. Rather, we invest considerable financial resources, and considerable local member volunteer time, in truly enacting the policy and creating a resilient culture in DSA. This means we have a National Harassment and Grievance Officer who carries out the program and provides training and leadership development within chapters based on professional best practices.

Paula Brantner is the National Harassment Grievance Officer, and she will answer any questions you have via email at [email protected]. (She works part-time as a consultant for DSA, so it may take a little while for her to get back to you, but she will respond or refer your question to the appropriate person within DSA.) Ana Avendaño assists Paula on investigations, trauma-informed process, mediation, restorative justice, and training, and her services will be referred to chapters on an as-needed basis.

Confidentiality is critical to the grievance process. You can find more information here.

Resolution 33 at the 2017 DSA national convention required chapters to submit data annually about grievances processed.

The first Annual Report covers July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019 and will provide a baseline for comparison in future reports. 2018-2019 Annual Report on Resolution 33

The second Annual Report covers July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020. 2019-2020 Annual Report on Resolution 33

Here are some of the harassment, bullying and conflict resolution resources we have for DSA members and leaders.

First, tell us who you are so that you may access the appropriate information:

I am a DSA member with questions about DSA’s harassment policy and the grievance process. Start here if you’re not sure or want a general overview of policies and procedures.

I am a DSA member who is a party to a grievance, or who has been suspended or expelled from my chapter and would like to appeal.

I am an HGO or chapter leader who has had HGO training by the National HGO.

I am an HGO who has not yet been trained by the National HGO.

I am a chapter leader involved in getting our chapter’s grievance policy up and running.

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