Request for Proposals: Digital & Print Marketing & Design

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is seeking a digital & print marketing & design partner (M&D partner) to help strategize, create and execute our email acquisition and advertisement program.

The goals of this project include:

  • Develop program to raise $5k+ a month through email fundraising and digital member recruitment. 
  • Develop program to grow email list by 200-500 new contacts a month.
  • Develop quarterly social media advertising campaigns, targeting for an ROI ~125%.
  • Design printed appeal packets, incentives and stewardship pieces. 

To reach these goals, DSA is now accepting bids in response to this Request for Proposal.

The project details are as follows:

Scope of Work

  • Running a fundraising email program, targeting non-members of DSA with the intent of:
    • Engaging new audiences about DSA’s national priorities campaigns
    • Educating the public about democratic socialism
    • Moving them to become members of the DSA;
  • Create A/B-tested donation pages for fundraising pushes; 
  • Develop digital advertisements for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other relevant social media.
  • Working with DSA staff to monitor how emails and advertisements are performing and adjusting emails and advertisement placements to optimize for leads and conversions;
    • The ideal M&D partner will understand how to measure values of new contacts beyond financial ROI
  • Providing organic list-building services through circulating issue-centric petitions from DSA;
  • Working with the DSA and other leads on utilizing their lists for DSA marketing purposes;
  • Executing the full advertisement process including creating the copy, designing the creative, building the audience targeting and launching the ads to bring in new pledges at;
  • Designing appeal packets and stewardship for print;
  • Committing at least one partner to attend up to 2 one-hour phone calls a week;
  • All partners and/or subcontractors on this project are to be available to travel upon a reasonably-timed request. 

Target Deliverable Schedule

  • Each month, the M&D partner will draft and send 12-15 fundraising emails.
  • Quarterly, the M&D partner will execute the full advertisement process for special social media targeted campaigns.
  • Quarterly, the M&D partner will design graphics for mailed appeal campaign along with corresponding social media and email communications. 
  • Quarterly, the M&D partner will provide granular data analysis on communication performance, including but not limited to the following: age range, gender, race, geographic diversity, socio-economic status, education level, based on the data collection capabilities of the social media platform. 
  • Annually updates of standard DSA collateral materials. (i.e. letterhead, envelopes, etc.) 

This project is ongoing with quarterly evaluations of partnership.

Budget Constraints

The budget for this project is $5,000-$10,000 a month.

Evaluation Metrics

DSA will evaluate bidders and proposals based on the following criteria:

  1. Understanding and commitment to socialist values and principles
  2. Previous experience/past performance history
  3. Samples and/or case studies from previous projects
  4. Projected costs
  5. Experience and technical expertise
  6. Responsiveness and answers to questions in the next section

Questions Bidders must Answer or Display Understanding in to be Considered

  • How would you navigate the communication and language differences from an active DSA audience familiar with democratic socialism and the general public who is sympathetic to democratic socialist values and norms? 
  • How would you target specific groups who are not in DSA’s current Facebook audience for based on DSA’s priorities?

Submission Requirements

Bidders must adhere to the following guidelines to be considered:

  • Only bidders who meet all 6 metrics in the evaluation section should submit a proposal.
  • Proposals must be sent in by July 30. Bidders who are interested in submitting a proposal should inform Alison Baldree, Subject line: M&D partner RFP. 
  • Include samples from at least two clients with different audiences and references with your proposal.
  • Proposals should be no more than 10 pages, submitted as a PDF. Failure to comply to this guideline will result in an automatic rejection.

Contact Information

For questions or concerns connected to this RFP, contact Alison Baldree, Development Director, at, subject line: M&D partner RFP.