Rebuild, Reenergize, Recommit


In the face of unprecedented challenges — a pandemic, global conflict, climate catastrophe, and deepening inequalities — DSA stands strong against the forces of capital. We’re the largest mass movement organization in the USA in nearly a century, and together, we’re making big demands… and we’re winning. Our power comes from moving ourselves into action together, whether it’s class struggle elections, housing justice campaigns, brand new workplace unions, municipal childcare coverage, or extended public transportation. We are member-funded, member-led, and member-directed, and to keep the wins coming, we need you: your voice, your energy, your strength, your commitment. 

Get Involved

How do we build a movement that’s ready to meet the moment? We organize! And that means we need to build relationships, share our stories, and talk to our comrades. Join a national Recommitment Drive phonebank to learn what moved members to join DSA in the first place, share your own story, and reenergize and recommit DSA members to building the mass working class organization this moment demands! Plus for every national shift you join, your name will be entered to the Recommitment Drive Raffle to win DSA merch. That’s what we call a win-win!


Rebuild: Fight the Ruling Class on Every Terrain

We know that you know that a mass movement for socialism is how we will change the world. Can we count on you to jump back into the fight with us today?

Money is always uncomfortable to talk about, and the capitalists are wealthier than we are by many orders of magnitude. Our strength is in our people-power, and each of us making our own small monthly contributions is enough to keep the lights on and the literature printed. 

Reenergize: Spring into Action and Strengthen Our Work

If you are a lapsed member, meaning you stopped paying dues over a year ago, DSA needs you to join back up and bring your presence back to our spaces!

If you are a member, but not in good standing, meaning you stopped paying your dues less than a year ago, DSA needs you to resume dues payments. Our work is member-funded and it takes all of us chipping in!

If you are a member who pays annual dues, we encourage you to pay monthly dues, as they help us plan budgets more carefully and offer you a regular reminder of your commitment to the cause!

If you are able to raise your dues, we encourage you to make it happen. We’ll never defeat capital with money alone, but money does help us supply ourselves with the resources we need to do work. 

Recommit. Recognize that the Only Way We Win is Together!

We are meeting the moment as socialists. Check out our launch call with labor organizer Bill Fletcher Jr, NYS Representative Zohran Kwame Mamdani, and comedian Jamie Loftus. And recommit today!