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Democratic Socialists of America take to the streets to elect Bernie Sanders 


Democratic Socialists of America


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Democratic Socialists of America take to the streets to elect Bernie Sanders  

New York, NY —From September 7-9, dozens of chapters of the DSA in over 25 states will take to the streets to rally support for Senator Bernie Sanders for president in 2020. 

“Senator Sanders knows what it will take to win our country back from the capitalist class,” said National Director Maria Svart. “It will take all of us. When working people come together across our differences, whether in a workplace strike or at the ballot box, we have real power. This weekend, our members across the country are launching an effort to build long lasting grassroots infrastructure to leverage our collective power, in the Democratic primaries, in the general election, and beyond.”

All across the country DSA members will be knocking on doors to support Sanders and register poor and working class people to vote. “We want to help Bernie win, full stop” said newly elected DSA National Political Committee member Megan Svoboda.  “He’s the best chance we have to beat Donald Trump. But we’re also organizing to build a bigger base for democratic socialist politics, because it’s going to take a movement to win a Green New Deal, support union organizing, and make sure this country is no longer dominated by millionaires and billionaires. Senator Sanders is the only candidate who has stood consistently with working-class people and who knows that a mass movement is needed to change this country.”

Senator Sanders’ message resonates with people across the United States who recognize that the ultra rich from both parties dominate our politics, our workplaces and our communities. Over the coming months, the Democratic Socialists of America will hold events across the county to support Sanders. Further information can be found at


The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) has over 55,000 members and 250 local groups (as of September 2019) building working class power while establishing an openly democratic socialist presence in United States’ communities and politics.