Organizing for Power

Our greatest power comes from collective action, and we have a window of opportunity to flex that power in the face of rising authoritarianism, climate change, and potential nuclear war. 

We are excited to announce our partnership with the Organizing for Power global training program and invite DSA chapters, national committees, and individual members to participate. UPDATE: Registration for this course has now closed.

O4P is a training program for organizers, developed by labor, community and electoral organizer and educator Jane McAlevey, coordinated by Ethan Earle (a longtime DSA member and former IC co-chair), and funded by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. Since its founding in 2019, O4P has trained nearly 25,000 union and other organizers from 110+ countries participating in 12 different languages.

This training is about winning, pure and simple. It focuses on building strong organization by talking to people who aren’t already with us, and together launching strategic, high participation campaigns that are equipped to win… against bosses, landlords and all the others who benefit from exploitation and violence against the working class of the world.

Logistical details:

  • The training series launches May 10 and runs for six consecutive Tuesdays, finishing June 14.
  • Each session is held twice for its global audience, first from 12-2pm ET and again from 8-10pm ET.
  • This training is FREE.
  • Advanced registration is REQUIRED. Registration is now closed.

Over these six weeks, you will work on important core skills:

  • organic leader identification
  • word choice
  • conducting structured organizing conversations
  • charting and list work
  • developing structure tests to gauge, show off and build power

Key to all of this is interacting with fellow organizers to practice these skills. Weeks 2-5 include breakout groups — sometimes with DSAers and others with participants from across the world — and each week includes “campaign practice assignments” for you to do between sessions.

It has been a challenging period for DSA and the broader US left. In the face of profound dangers, from climate change to a rigid political system to murderous bosses, we have spent too much energy fighting with each other, against people we should be joining with in shared struggle. So join with DSA comrades — and fellow organizers from around the world — to together build our networks, skill sets, and collective campaigns capable of winning real power for the working classes of the world!

You can learn more about this, O4P’s 5th training, at Organizing for Power’s Core Fundamentals, or see its results in action in this video highlighting Berlin hospital workers who used a previous training to build toward a multi-sector strike that won a standard-setting collective agreement. Learn about the DSA training series in 2019 that inspired O4P here.