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Information Security Memo for Members

Maintaining security and privacy has always been a challenge for political organizers, long before personal computers and the Internet. Today, the combination of ubiquitous information technology and a radical right-wing authoritarian political climate has made digital security a top concern for politically active organizations and individuals.

Online harassment and surveillance are, sadly, ubiquitous and effective ways of creating chaos and fear. As DSA grows in membership and influence, we should be prepared for both state and non-state actors to use digital means to attempt to destabilize us. Let us not be victimized when we can readily secure ourselves and our comrades as we organize for socialism. Good information security practices don’t require computer wizardry. A few new habits and tools, consistently applied, will go a long way towards defending our collective work from digital assailants.

This document recommends steps DSA members and chapters can take to promote information security. We’ve concentrated on actions that are inexpensive and known to be effective. This document will evolve over time to respond to new threats and embrace new defensive tactics.

Download the PDF from the “Attachments and Resources” section of this page.