Organize for Reproductive Freedom July 4

The Supreme Court overturned Roe and Casey, threatening the rights of millions of working people across the country. More than half of states will attempt to ban or severely restrict abortion, and 13 states have ‘trigger’ laws that automatically ban abortion. This is a blatant, deadly, and undemocratic attack on the working class. This is the beginning of a right-wing rollback of Supreme Court decisions that enshrined basic queer and civil rights. Our bodies, our lives, our rights, and our democracy are on the line. True freedom means reproductive justice for all.

Do you want to publicly pressure an elected official this July 4th weekend to defend reproductive freedom? Do you want to talk to people in your community and sign them up for more organizing?

Sign up here to take action.

Let us know! Building people power from the bottom up is how we build a mass movement to defend democracy. Find printable signs/posters, handouts, and many more organizing resources to Protect Abortion here