A November Election Strategy for Democratic Socialists

The Political Conditions We’re Facing

The following is excerpted from the National Political Committee’s Statement on the November Election. We call on our members and chapters to defend democracy this Fall. This page will serve as a hub for updates on our national strategy. Stay tuned!

As summer winds down, conditions in the US continue to deteriorate. Dangerous school reopenings, federal failure to pass working class pandemic relief, continued escalation of brutal murderous police tactics and unmarked federal officers on the streets, climate change crashing down upon us through hurricanes and wildfires, and the absence of any plan to control Covid-19 — all pave the road to November. 

In the midst of these multiple crises and Trump’s threats to deploy federal troops to our cities, we know that collective action in the streets is still the best antidote to the anger and fear we face daily. The summer’s explosion of protests and uprisings for Black lives are not going away and it’s incumbent upon us as socialists to connect the many racial, economic, political, and environmental disasters before us into one central struggle for working class liberation. 

The road to November will require an intentional and focused strategy to ensure our members, our chapters, and our organization are prepared to seize it. We can all but guarantee mass voter suppression will take place during the election not just at the ballot box, but in the form of evictions, attacks on the postal service,  displacement due to climate disasters, and other forms of state-violence. 

As an organization, we must be as visible as possible in the work we do in the coming months to defend democracy, mobilize working class voters in the election through down-ballot races, and to grow the socialist movement, especially given that we have not endorsed any presidential candidate in the general. 

National DSA will provide support and resources to chapters that are engaging working class voters through their work — whether it’s to protect the postal service, fight voter suppression,  elect our DSA endorsed candidates or win our ballot initiatives. While we are still a nascent organization and  we don’t expect to make a huge difference in the outcome of the election, we know we must be prepared to act on whatever the outcome post-election. In the wise words of Amilcar Cabral, socialists must tell no lies and claim no easy victories, which for the election means defending democracy at every turn.