November Updates for Chapter Leaders

Grievance Committee Update

The Grievance Committee is meeting regularly to implement Resolution #33, the Harassment Policy. The committee will issue a public statement shortly on the progress of their national work and have an intake form soon for people to file grievances. DSA is moving forward on implementing the national policy as soon as possible, and will work with chapters soon to establish the harassment policy at the local level.


Membership Lists

We know lists are gold! So, we are changing our database to make it more efficient to get you lists. Our current goal is lists available by beginning of December, and after that sending a designated chapter leader lists frequently. However, if you have a chapter election coming up and you need a list sooner, that is our one exception and we can pull the list before then. Email Eileen at membership (at) dsausa (dot) org.


Fundraising and Dues Drive Committee Update

Like so many folks, the fundraising and dues renewal team are very, very excited about our new database! Our plan is to support national staff with follow up to the renewal emails that are going out by helping chapters with their dues renewal planning. Look out for much faster membership lists and for us to begin reaching out to your chapters to help support your work.

We are currently updating the website. For renewal/dues drives, please use the following link:


M4A Committee Update

The National DSA Medicare for All Campaign Committee is putting together a boatload of resources and media to be released over the next two months as part of launching DSA’s exciting Medicare for All Campaign. This will be the first mass, national campaign that DSA has undertaken since it’s membership exploded into the tens of thousands. Therefore there is a lot of work to do now to make sure it is successful. But the extraordinary enthusiasm is evident, with already fifty chapters campaigning for Medicare for All/Single Payer, or working on getting started soon. The Campaign Committee will be launching campaign materials and resources to support chapter activism in January, but look out for the launch of our social media and website in December!
In the meantime, please have a chapter or committee leader fill out this form if your chapter is already started or planning to start working on Medicare for All (or related healthcare activism). And fill out this form if you are an individual member (especially at-large!) who would like to volunteer to help the national campaign. This campaign will only be successful if activists all over the country take part, so please help us out!


Democratic Socialist Labor Commission Update

We will be at the Labor Notes Conference, April 6-8, 2018, in Chicago. Contact Hannah at hannah (at) dsausa (dot) org for more info.


National Electoral Committee Update

National electoral is proud to announce 15 members won this cycle. 25 members ran across 13 states. In Pittsburgh, we upset a 24-year incumbent and in Virginia a 7-term House Majority Whip. Excited by Tuesday's fifteen democratic socialist electoral victories? Then help us recruit more candidates! If you know of democratic socialists thinking of running, please let DSA know. You can email david (at) dsausa (dot) org.


National Social Media

We’re looking for volunteers *who have experience running chapter social media accounts* and can join the team: Apply here!  


Democratic Left Editorial Committee

Print magazine, blog, and Socialist Forum!

DL Editorial Committee App


Young Democratic Socialists of America

There are only 5 weeks left to apply for chapter recognition for YDSA chapters before the end of the semester. Any chapters that don't apply at that time may not be eligible for aid for the YDSA Winter Conference in February. If you have any YDSA chapters in your area that did not receive a letter from us telling then they are approved in the last 8 weeks then please talk to them about applying for YDSA status. Contact Ryan at ryan (at) dsausa (dot) org for more information.


Does National have your Chapter Leadership Info?

We need to know who to send lists, Stakeholder call reminders, or other important information! Please update Eileen after you hold elections using this protocol: the old chair should email her the list of new officers at membership (at) dsausa (dot) org.

For example:

Democratic Left magazine bundles: Chapter and OC leaders should expect a message from Lisa at lisa (at) dsausa (dot) org about ordering Democratic Left chapter bundles for outreach soon. Bundles will ship early/mid December.


Chapter Incorporation Training

On the Stakeholder call we held a half hour training with Sasha Hammad, DSA Operations Director. Click here to see the one page checklist of how to get your chapter incorporated in your state so you can open a bank account, and the timeline for our national chapter incorporation project.

DSA Immigration Rights Rapid Response: #AbolishICE

June 21, 2018

Thursday, June 21st at 8:30pm ET/7:30pm CT/6:30pm MT/5:30pm PT

Sign up here for a link to the call RSVP.

The Trump administration’s policy of separating families seeking asylum is only the latest in a escalation of anti-immigrant policies. We need to #AbolishICE now. Join us for an emergency call with the national DSA Immigrant Rights committee and our allies to discuss our strategy.

If you cannot make this call, please sign up here for a call recording and more organizing resources.

New Member Call, June 24

June 24, 2018

9pm ET/8 CT/7 MT/6 PT

Click to RSVP

You've joined DSA - Great! Now register for this New Member Orientation call and find out more about our politics and our vision. And, most importantly, how you can become involved.

Questions or Comments? Contact: 

Sam M

Click to RSVP

**Note: this page originally had the wrong date listed. The Correct date is Sunday the 24th**

M4A Chapter Activist Training Call: How to Pass a Medicare for All City Council Resolution

June 30, 2018

Saturday June 30th at 4pm ET/3pm CT/2pm MT/1pm PST

Click Here to RSVP

In March, Philadelphia DSA members showed up in droves with healthcare workers, community members, and elected leaders to pass a Philadelphia city-wide resolution supporting the Medicare for All Act of 2017 and affirming universal access to healthcare as a human right. This victory showed that in a city where the poverty rate is over 26%, city council leaders learned where to stand when it comes to universal healthcare. To move a national campaign to win Medicare for All, we need to build support from a broad range of cities and municipalities across the country. With some research, planning, and lobbying, you could work with city council members to pass a resolution of support in your city too!

Click Here to RSVP