Yemen War Powers Resolution — Contact Your Senator to Help Stop the War on Yemen

The Saudi-led war in Yemen has killed an estimated 377,000 people and exposed tens millions of Yemenis to horrific famine, with active support from the United States. The war on Yemen is only possible because the U.S. continues to arm Saudi Arabia and to provide military, political, and logistical support for the war. The U.S. has actively perpetuated this unconscionable war for nearly eight years — but Congress has an opportunity to change that, right now, and you can help!

Senator Bernie Sanders is bringing a Yemen War Powers Resolution to a vote in the Senate (S.J.Res. 56) as soon as this Tuesday, December 13th. House Representatives, who themselves have sponsored H.J.Res.87, have released a letter applauding these efforts in the Senate. Want to learn more? Here’s a short breakdown about the war and humanitarian crisis, how the US has directly contributed, and what’s happening in Congress now.

In just a few minutes, you can help end U.S. support of the devastating war in Yemen by calling your Senators about their support for the Yemen War Powers Resolution. You can use the WPR Whip Hub to find out whether your Senator has committed to co-sponsoring and/or voting for the Yemen War Powers Resolution, and easily call them through 1-833-STOP-WAR. This is the most important thing you can do in the next few days! Uncommitted priority Senators include Senators Menendez (NJ), Murphy (CT), Reed (RI), Cardin (MD), and Coons (DE).

If you need a script for the call, try this out:

“Hello! I’m a constituent from [name the town you live in]. I’m calling to urge you to support the Yemen War Powers Resolution by cosponsoring HJ.Res.87 in the House/S.J.Res.56 in the Senate. The U.S. must finally end all unauthorized support for the Saudi and UAE-led coalition’s brutal war on Yemen. Thank you for your time.”

If you’re not able to make a call, please consider the below actions as well: 

DSA, DSA’s International Committee, and many DSA chapters have long organized for an end to U.S. support for the war in Yemen. Help us build a world without war.