Urgent Solidarity Needed with Federal Workers

DSA’s Democratic Socialist Labor Commission supports the federal workers affected by the government shutdown. Trump is trying to divide the working class as part of his racist agenda, but DSA members who are federal workers are speaking out and building solidarity. You can read their statement below for more on how the shutdown hurts working people, and how you can help stop it.


Urgent Solidarity Needed with Federal Workers: Help End the Racist Game Trump is Playing


As the federal government enters its third week of a partial shutdown, unionized government worker DSAers are asking their comrades for urgent solidarity to help end this racist game Donald Trump is playing, and ensure that the workers that provide SNAP benefits, maintain our national parks, manage our civilian infrastructure, inspect our food and medicine, and so much more can get back to serving the public and provide for their families.

On January 10th, government workers will rally in DC to demand that Donald Trump stop using them as political pawns in his racist agenda. If you’re in or around DC, join the rally. If not, call your congressional representative and both senators and demand they end the shutdown immediately and backpay all furloughed government workers as well as contractors. Ask that they work with Rep. Pressley to ensure that contractors as well as federal employees are backpaid for all time lost to the shutdown.

And if you’re near a federal worksite, such as an airport, where those deemed “essential” have been working without pay for several weeks, consider a leaflet action in solidarity to inform the public of our plight.


Morgan Stewart, AFGE 911
Carl Goldman, AFSCME COUNCIL 26 (Retired)
Kevin Robinson, NFFE 739
Adam Pelletier, AFGE 3343
Loreen Targos, AFGE 704
Meg Welch, AFGE 1395
Greg Bartok NNU
Erik Apland NFFE 1995
Jackie Bailey, NTEU 72