Special Mid-Month Dispatch

We have a lot going on and I wanted to be sure we are in touch with you even if you are not attending the convention!

Reminder to Chapters and Members of the Critical Need for Confidentiality in the Grievance Process

On the July 8 call of the National Political Committee Steering Committee, the SC voted to send this letter to members.

The entire process for Resolution 33 grievances and non-Resolution 33 cases may be seen here, as well as resources for chapter Harassment and Grievance Officers.

Jane McAlevey Tools from No Shortcuts to Organizing for Power Series

In the last two months, hundreds of members attended three mass organizing calls with Jane McAlevey, ending on July 10 with a call on how to use these techniques to strengthen your DSA chapter. In moments like now, when the boss class is doubling down on their campaign to divide, conquer, and spread fear, it is more important than ever that we build effective chapters who can both mobilize, but also organize.

Stay tuned for an August follow up call to see how folks have applied Jane’s lessons, and in the meantime, here are some tools she developed for chapter members in DSA. We hope you can try them out and then get on our next call!

If you missed any or all of these mass calls, click here to watch the three videos. At the link you will find a discussion guide for No Shortcuts, brought to you by the DSA Fund, dedicated to education and outreach about Democratic Socialism. Learn more or support the DSA Fund here.

Democratic Socialist Labor Commission (DSLC) Update

The DSLC is hosting a call featuring the leaders of Labor Working Groups, Committees, and Branches throughout the organization. They will be discussing the approach they take to the labor movement in their chapters, campaigns they’ve taken on, and issues they’ve faced. We are still finalizing a time and agenda, but you can pre-register for the call at this link.

And check out the DSLC’s Labor 101 curriculum! There will be an opportunity for delegates to participate in a Labor 101 session at the convention, which is a great opportunity to bring this training back to their home chapter.

Electoral Endorsements in California and Ohio

The National Electoral Committee is proud to endorse Dean Preston for San Francisco, CA Board of Supervisors and Liliana Rivera Baiman for Columbus, OH City Council!! Both are up for election Tuesday, November 5th. Vote for them if you live in town, donate to them if you can, and reach out to [email protected] to volunteer remotely for them or our other candidates like Shaun Scott in Seattle.

Dean Preston wrote the Right to Counsel ballot measure that San Francisco DSA endorsed and won, and is known as one of the lead organizers who helped save CA rent control in 2008. He has represented tenants in eviction cases and victims of police misconduct as a lawyer, and now he is running to represent working people on San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors. This is a chance to elect a DSA member who has already worked alongside the chapter to office and boost their fights for a green new deal, public transportation, and of course, tenants’ rights and affordable housing.

Liliana Rivera Baiman is a mother, labor organizer, and DREAMer activist who is running because Columbus workers shouldn’t need more than one job to survive. That means good union jobs with benefits, and a city that can support them. She’s a member of Columbus DSA and knows that without municipal ID cards and public internet, it’s hard for everyone to take advantage of everything the city has to offer. With public services that are funded by prioritizing the good of all over the good of developers, Liliana believes everyone can thrive.

DSA In Office Gathering in Atlanta

The past few weeks we have seen what happens when the Wall Street wing of the Democratic Party attacks their left flank. It opens the door for the likes of Trump to go on the offensive, galvanizing and growing his base from among those who would like to return this country to pre-Reconstruction economic and social relations.

Outside the formal political arena, DSA members across the country have attended and in many cases helped organize Close the Camps mobilizations. It is critical that our chapters be part of broad based majoritarian coalitions organizing both in direct actions and in civil society against the increasing neo-fascism of the Republican Party, the accomodationism of too many moderate Democrats, and the corporations who assist ICE and other institutions of oppression.

We are also working inside the formal political arena, supporting our members in office to use their resources to facilitate working class self defense in their communities, and helping new democratic socialists candidates run for office at all levels of government. Dozens of DSA members currently in office will gather concurrent with the national convention to build our national network and find new ways to leverage our independent, collective power.

Convention is Coming Up!

It’s been great seeing members on social media discussing some of the many resolutions before delegates at the convention, and knowing many of you are holding chapter meetings to discuss them as well. Delegates will make major decisions about the direction of the organization in just two weeks.

We will also hear from inspiring leaders both inside and outside DSA, including:

  • Sara Nelson, International President of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO. During the government shutdown, Nelson released a video calling on flight attendants to stop working and support air traffic controllers sickouts. Hours later, Trump cut a deal to end the shutdown. Now she’s standing up against climate change, supporting the Green New Deal, and calling on airlines to stop enabling deportations.
  • Linda Sarsour, DSA member, co-founder of MPower Change, Palestinian-American community organizer, former executive director of the Arab American Association of New York and Women’s March board member.

Together we will marshall our strength for the struggles ahead. We want nothing less than a planet for the many, not the few!

Pre-Convention Budget Webinar for Members

The Budget and Finance Committee is organizing a Preconvention Webinar Budget Presentation on Sunday, 7/28th 8pm ET/7pm CT/6pm MT/5pm PT. The call will be one hour long and will include an mid-year budget analysis. This call will be limited to DSA members as of 7/11/2019.

To verify memberships are up-to-date with their dues, we ask that you RSVP for access to the call. Every member who RSVPs will receive a recording of the call.

Delegate Convention Emails

Are you a national convention delegate but not receiving convention bulletin emails? You may not have filled out the full registration process! Email [email protected] to check.

Learn more about our national convention here.