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Enjoy your September National Political Committee newsletter! Our NPC is an elected 18-person body (including two YDSA members who share a vote) which functions as the board of directors of DSA. This month, organize in the face of the climate crisis, get involved in labor solidarity, volunteer to protect abortion, and more!

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From the National Political Committee — Putting Our Dreams Into Action

Dear comrades,

These last few weeks have seen heartbreaking news all over the world. A massive hurricane devastated the island of Puerto Rico earlier this week. The Puerto Rican people are still reeling from the privatization efforts that followed the last major hurricane five years prior and facing massive blackouts all while much of the media is focused on the death of a monarch who represents a long and widespread legacy of colonialism. We encourage members to support organizations like Taller Salud with a donation. We saw our comrades in Chile face the rejection of the new constitution, one that finally put Indigenous people and the climate crisis at the forefront. The people of Pakistan have experienced torrential flooding, leaving millions displaced and much of the country underwater, another consequence of the ongoing climate crisis. Closer to home, this flooding has also hit Kentucky and Texas, while Jackson, Mississippi dealt with a water crisis that left hundreds of thousands without any clean water. We know all of these things are interconnected and that our fight for socialism is the only way forward. We dream of a world rooted in care, in equality, and free of oppression — but we must put our dreams into action.

Because it’s not all bleak. We are seeing the power of organized labor, with mine workers continuing America’s longest strike, continuously supported by our Birmingham DSA chapter. Hundreds of thousands of railroad workers showed the country the leverage that’s only possible when we stand together, and we will support efforts to improve their quality of life as they continue their struggle for justice through our National Labor Committee. We’ve endorsed the statewide efforts of our Montana chapters against Legislative Referendum 131 in continuation of our support in chapters’ fights against abortion bans and restrictions. To that end, we’ve also approved over $70,000 in electoral grants to chapters who are waging campaigns for working class demands all across the country. These demands include a tipped minimum wage, rent control, fighting against abortion restrictions, empty homes tax, and early care and education for all. We are proud to have members of the NPC and the International Committee traveling to Sao Paulo by invitation to stand in solidarity and accompany the PT (Workers Party) and their electoral coalition in what has been deemed one of the most important elections in the world this year. We know the consequences of this election in Brazil (whether in the first or second round) will be monumental to democracy on a global scale. We have also begun planning the 2023 National Convention! We’re looking for comrades with experience or a love of RONR, as well as those passionate about strategic planning. You can read more about the committees and fill out the application here.

NPC members will be attending the next round of chapter leader calls to present and discuss progress being made on our five year staffing and fundraising plan. As we think on DSA’s future, its structure and vision, we also invite members to save the date for our rescheduled Fireside Chat taking place on Wednesday 10/26 at 8pm ET/7pm CT/6pm MT/5pm PT. We’ll be discussing the spooky world of online culture and the role that social media plays in how we organize in DSA and the broader left. You can register here.

Despite what Biden may say, the pandemic is not over, and we are all still feeling the effects of having to find new ways to organize and decreasing capacity for the everyday work of organizers. We only have each other, and the work must continue. And we do this work thanks to the comrades who’ve paved the way. We mourn the passing of our former co-chair, activist and author Barbara Ehrenreich, who stays with us as a humble reminder that we each have a part to play in the fight for a better world.

Solidarity forever,

Your National Political Committee

Monday 9/26 Starbucks Solidarity Call — Cops, Coffee, and Capitalism

How does the carceral state enforce union busting? How are Starbucks workers impacted by police interactions at work, when organizing, and when on strike? Join our “Cops, Coffee, and Capitalism” Solidarity is Brewing! call Monday 9/26 at 8pm ET/7pm CT/6pm MT/5pm PT! On this call, you’ll hear from workers about the problems with coffee and the cops. This call will also feature a guest speaker from DSA Abolition Working Group providing some background on labor and policing.

Fight for Montana and Kentucky Abortion Access with DSA!

Abortion is under attack by right-wing ballot measures in Kentucky and Montana — but DSA chapters are fighting back! Our National Electoral Committee is organizing to support these campaigns to protect abortion, and we need your help no matter where you live. Sign up to join us in phone and text banks as we put together a nationwide effort for free abortion on demand, without apology!

Grow DSA and Develop Socialist Organizers! Apply for the Growth and Development Committee by Friday 9/30

Did you know that DSA’s Growth and Development Committee recommitted over 5,000 members during the Recommitment Drive? Every member strengthens our movement! We train organizers to launch Green New Deal campaigns, run regular phone and text banks to members with lapsed memberships, mentor chapters to start labor working groups, and so much more! Apply to join the Growth and Development Committee by Friday 9/30 to continue this vital work of growing our membership and developing socialist organizers.

Green New Deal Campaign Training Series 2022 — Sign Up by Friday 10/14

DSA is on the verge of electing almost 200 candidates across the country! Most of these wins are in local office, including those from the Green New Deal 2022 Electoral Slate. We know a better world is possible, and we’re going to build it by winning socialist Green New Deal fights across the country, at every level of government. Comrades from DSA’s Green New Deal Campaign Commission and Growth and Development Committee are excited to announce a comprehensive training series to guide chapter organizers through how to fight for a local Green New Deal, equipping them with the political education, tools, and coaching to launch, run, and win these campaigns locally. We will use real case studies to show how socialists can and have won Green New Deal campaigns across the country. Apply by Friday 10/14!

Mutual Aid Solidarity Crafting Circle Sunday 9/25 (and Free Cloth Heating Pads for Abortion Aftercare Kits!)

Calling all crafters (sewists, knitters, weavers, paper-folders, potters, woodworkers, doodlers, adult coloring book enthusiasts): join our Mutual Aid Working Group’s Solidarity Crafting Circle! We meet on a lazy Sunday once a month and work on our craft while a comrade reads a socialist text aloud, then we discuss! The next crafting circle is Sunday 9/25 at 2pm ET/1pm CT/12pm MT/11am PT. Sign up here.

Our group of sewists are also making U-Fill microwave rice heating bags — you fill them with rice and do a quick few stitches to sew them shut. It’s a fun group project for folks who are assembling abortion after-care kits, care packages for our friends in teachers’ or nurses’ unions, or any other situation where someone might need a little soothing and the personal touch of a handmade gift. Sign up here to have a pack delivered to your chapter!

RSVP for Talking to Non-Socialists Trainings Wednesday 10/19 and 10/26 — and Apply for Speakers’ Training by Monday 10/10

NPEC has two trainings coming up in October! Our Talking to Non-Socialists training will teach you the principles of active listening, tips for having productive conversations about socialism, how to combat common anti-socialist talking points, and how to facilitate your own Talking to Non-Socialists training in your chapter. The training will be held over two evenings: Wednesday, 10/19 and Wednesday 10/26 at 8pm ET/7pm CT/6pm MT/5pm PT.

Our Speakers’ training will prepare you to give a full-length presentation on any socialism-related topic of your choice. Because this training is more intensive, and requires participants to prepare and give a full presentation, applications are required. The deadline to apply is Monday 10/10. If you are not accepted, or do not wish to give a presentation, you are welcome to use this application form to join as an observer. The training will be held over four consecutive Tuesdays: October 18 and 25 and November 1 and 8, all from 5-6pm PT/8-9pm ET.

Build Our National Labor Solidarity Fund!

Did you listen to the Chapo Trap House interview with Portland DSA member and Starbucks union organizer Quentin K.? He gave DSA’s national labor solidarity fund a shout-out because every DSA chapter should be able to support workers’ struggles!

Can you become a monthly sustaining donor today to help fund our labor organizing work?

Sign Up for Our Political Education Mentorship Program

Are you interested in ramping up your chapter’s political education programming, but not sure where to start? Would you benefit from ongoing, one-on-one support from an experienced DSA political educator? NPEC’s mentorship program is for you! Mentors offer support and advice tailored to your chapter’s particular needs, whether you’re interested in a one-off troubleshooting meeting or long-term support as you build a political education program from the ground. To be paired with a political education mentor, email us at [email protected].

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