Sanders Endorsement Advisory Poll

As part of DSA’s Bernie 2020 endorsement debate process, we are currently conducting an advisory member poll. DSA’s elected leadership body, the National Political Committee (NPC) will consider the poll results as they make their decision on endorsement at their upcoming emergency endorsement meeting, to be held on or before March 21. You can read more about the endorsement debate process here.

This poll is open to all DSA members in good standing as of 2/20/2019 (the day after Sanders declared his candidacy) and members up to one years in arrears as of that date.

The online advisory poll was sent to members on Tuesday, 3/5/2019. It will be open for exactly one week, until 3/12 at noon Eastern time. Members received the poll link and their personal participation code by email on 3/5. Members who do not have a working email address were sent their code by mail. If you have any questions about the vote itself, please contact [email protected].