Your National Political Committee newsletter — Working Collectively

Enjoy your October National Political Committee newsletter! Our NPC is an elected 18-person body (including two YDSA members who share a vote) which functions as the board of directors of DSA. Read on for more!


Striketober is in full swing, with thousands of workers all across the country (and many more around the world, as seen in South Korea) realizing the power of collective action. People are being reminded of what they deserve! We can’t overstate how important it is in the fight for a better world that we recognize that we are only able to confront the ruling class when we act together. This is not to downplay the reality that these strikes did not occur naturally. They came about through sustained and intentional efforts to organize, to present the choice to workers: risk losing your livelihood and fight for dignity, or bear the burden of everything staying the same. DSA is proud to show support and solidarity on the picket line because we know we can’t afford the status quo. And for things to change, there is much work we must do to overcome divisions and threats to our collective project — because while we are not outnumbered, we are out-organized.

As the NPC, we wrapped up our first meeting, where we took seriously our duty of collective leadership and built a shared understanding of our organization. This included putting together several sessions ahead of our meeting, reading articles to ground ourselves, and examining closely every layer of this organization. We reviewed existing reports on the state of our chapters, membership, and national bodies, and worked hard to establish criteria that will not only make our campaigns successful, but also strengthen our chapters to help members find roles they can own in this work. The mandates from the Convention were many, and we discussed what it means to prioritize specific work, to strengthen our infrastructure, and coordinate across sections of the organization.

We are now in the process of planning an in-person retreat, which we felt was necessary to be able to have frank and tough conversations not only as political leaders but as socialists, as people dedicated to building an organization of the many, not the few. Our goal is to be able to answer the question: what is our strategy to build DSA and build working class power? It also will help prepare us to make decisions on our organizational priorities and how these will get done. We will identify what isn’t working and can’t be done in the next two years, balancing our desire to aspire to more with the sobering understanding that our collective capacity is not what it was before the pandemic.

We know we have the means to not only understand the moment but to meet it, to move not only with flexibility but with direction — but only if we work collectively. This organization that we are part of together is easier to derail than it is to grow. And building something capable of taking on the ruling class will ask each of us to show up earnestly, with a desire to learn how to work side-by-side and with compassion for each other as we figure it out. It will ask us to not fall to hopelessness or be distracted by the trap of thinking that fighting each other is a victory. It will also ask us to have the discipline to not get in our own way, to view collective work as liberating, and learn to trust that we all want the same thing: an end to the crushing weight of capitalism that threatens our lives at every turn. It will require risks and energy and sacrifice. But it’s time to strike fear in the ruling class and give our class the courage to no longer bear the burden of everything staying the same.

Solidarity forever,

Your National Political Committee


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