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From the National Political Committee — Solidarity Against Hate

Dear comrades,

A week ago, we witnessed the atrocity in Colorado Springs, and continue to mourn the five lives lost and stand with those injured at Club Q. This attack on queer and trans people is not an isolated incident, but part of a pattern of violence incited by those escalating right-wing narratives in this country. The perpetrator did not act alone: he was emboldened by political campaigns, the media, and hateful rhetoric whose goals are to erase the existence of queer and trans people altogether. The perpetrator was protected by the unsurprising failure of law enforcement to hold him accountable for bomb threats, no doubt helped by his familial connection to a MAGA politician.

Rhetoric has consequences. And if the GOP and Christofascists are left unchecked, this will only lead to more violence. More than 300 hundred anti-trans and anti-gay bills have been introduced this year alone, bills aimed at dehumanizing trans people and attempting to criminalize affirming care and support. While the midterm results showed some resistance to the far-right agenda, the electoral terrain is not the only place where we have the duty to fight back. They may have failed to achieve their goals through elections, but they will not stop.

We have a duty to show the victims of the Club Q attack that they are not alone, to show everyone targeted by the far right that they are not alone. And our best chance to show each other love and support is to continue to build a Left that can not only beat these attacks but win the world we deserve. A world where people can be themselves, where we can all live with dignity, where our basic needs are met without conditions, where we can all live without apology or fear. May our rage and grief be channeled into organizing for this vision of what’s possible.

If the Right has chosen fear as their weapon, we must rise to the occasion with solidarity as the tool to get us free.

Solidarity forever,

Your National Political Committee

Sign Up for Learning From bell hooks Call Thursday 12/15

The legacy of bell hooks, who taught us so much about how to fight and how to love one another, remains more vital than ever. Join the Religion and Socialism Working Group Thursday 12/15 at 8pm ET/7pm CT/6pm MT/5pm PT for an evening of commemorating hooks one year after her passing. We will be joined by speakers from an array of religious and intellectual traditions who each explore a foundational idea from hooks. There will be time for open discussion and Q&A.

Sunday 12/18 — December Housing Justice Commission General Meeting

Join DSA’s Housing Justice Commission for our December meeting Sunday 12/18 at 6pm ET/5pm CT/4pm MT/3pm PT! This month, attendees will get to meet other housing justice organizers and our new Steering Committee members, get updates on the latest committee activities and learn how to get involved, apply for HJC membership, and more!

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