Days of Action — Your June Dispatch

Here’s your June Dispatch! This month, learn about Building for Power with the Green New Deal Campaign Commission, join the Discussion Forum Book Club, and hear from our Co-Chairs on a day of action in Florida. Read on to get involved. 

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From Our Co-Chairs — Days of Action

We had a rare opportunity to have both DSA Co-Chairs in the same place at the same time this past weekend. Both Co-Chairs descended upon St. Petersburg, Florida, for a day of action with Pinellas DSA promoting a locally-endorsed candidate for city council, Nick Carey, alongside FL’s only socialist in office, Richie Floyd, and DSA members from Tampa DSA, Orlando DSA, Miami DSA, Polk County DSA, and multiple Florida YDSA chapters, too. 

It was a fantastic day, with member-organizers knocking over 1500 doors and raising thousands of dollars at an evening fundraiser. It was also a great reminder of what it means to be boots-on-the-ground alongside comrades from across chapters and even across the country. There’s nothing that can beat the feeling of putting ourselves in motion together to win victories for the working class and keep building our power through organized action.

We anticipate more days of action in Florida over the next few months, as there is a nationally-endorsed statewide campaign for Amendment 4, which would codify abortion access as a right in the state constitution. We also have electoral and ballot measure campaigns heating up across the country, with electoral races later this month in Las Vegas (Val Thomason) and Denver (Bryan Lindstrom and Tim Hernández), and the season is just starting to really pick up.

We know that even the most optimistic socialists among us feel pretty bad about our likely choices for President this year, but we also know that winning working-class power locally is what will build us the bench, grow our working-class organization, and even secure life-saving wins with passage of things like trans sanctuary city laws. 

We also know that our power has to be balanced outside the ballot box, too, which is why we’re so committed to …

Summer is just starting to get red hot and there’s no time like now to tap into your local chapter (if you haven’t yet) or see how you can help your chapter pull in new members (if you’re already active) – a better world is possible, and when we FIGHT, we WIN.

RSVP for Sunday 6/30 Green New Deal call — Building for Power in Mass Transit

DSA chapters around the country are organizing for a Green New Deal as part of our Building for Power campaign. Join this call to hear from organizers about how they are fighting for mass public transit with labor and socialists in office!

Campaign Q&A: Building Public Power in Milwaukee

Milwaukee DSA is Building For Power through its public utilities campaign. In this interview with the Green New Deal Campaign Commission, MKE DSA leader Andy B shares how building a mass base will lead to a democratic, green energy future.

Join the Discussion Forum Book Club

The Discussion Forum is holding its second-ever book club! Book submissions are open until June 9th and a vote will be held afterwards to determine the next book. A new thread will go up each week to discuss a new section of the book and a discussion zoom will take place at the end. If your work schedule doesn’t allow you to join most book clubs, this might be the one for you!

Last Chance! Member Feedback Requested: Should the NPC Re-Endorse AOC?

Recently, the NPC passed a resolution soliciting feedback from members on whether to re-endorse Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14). We encourage members to share their thoughts on this question in 250 words or less using this form by Sunday 6/9. Please also share this form with other members of your chapter, as we would like to hear from as much of the membership as possible!