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Here’s your June NPC Newsletter! This month includes Summer Organizing Workshops, updates from the DSA International Committee, early bird registration for Socialism Conference, and more. Read on to get involved. 

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From the National Political Committee — Another Red Hot Summer Begins

Happy Solstice! The longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere also marks the official beginning of another RED HOT SOCIALIST SUMMER, and things are definitely heating up. 

Here at the national level, we have National Political Committee members, national working group leaders, full-time staffers, and DSA members from all across the country getting ready to organize a strong DSA presence at some of the summer’s biggest events. 

In August, we’ll be on the ground protesting at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago to demand a better option than Joe Biden and the Democratic Party establishment aiding and abetting the ongoing genocide in Gaza. (Scroll down for a bit more information and to find out how you can sign up to participate!)

On Labor Day weekend, we’ll be back in town (at the same venue, even!) for Socialism Conference, an annual gathering hosted by Haymarket Publishers where socialist organizers and activists from around the USA and the world get together, talk strategy and theory, and address both short and long-term plans to build a better world. This year, DSA will be hosting a special day-long mini-conference on Friday, August 30th, where we’ll hear panelists and speakers from across our organization, dig into debriefs of some of our biggest campaigns, engage in trainings and meet-and-greets with fellow DSA members, and so much more, all before joining the full conference alongside socialists from many other organizations. Register before June 28th for an early bird price, and be sure to tick the “DSA Member” box in the registration form to receive invites to all DSA-specific events! 

Red Hot Summer is, once again, not just a figure of speech. Heat waves are taking their toll on vulnerable populations around the world, and conditions are ripe for widespread wildfires and ocean-borne disasters like hurricanes and typhoons. It is crucial that we remember that it does not have to be like this, and when we engage in collective action, we can and do change the entire course of history. Against the capitalists causing the climate crisis, we can organize to win Green New Deal demands from coast to coast, like public power, free transit, and green social housing — and beyond that, the socialist future we all need to survive and thrive. The future is a public good!

If you’re not organizing with your local DSA chapter, there’s no moment like the present to jump in with both feet, and if you are already organizing, make an ask of your friends, neighbors and coworkers to join you in DSA work. Whether you’re knocking doors for a socialist candidate, organizing with coworkers against your terrible boss, talking to fellow tenants about your shared slumlord, changing a brake light to help a neighbor avoid a dangerous interaction with the police, or taking to the streets with millions of people from around the world to demand a free Palestine, organizing is the antidote to despair; socialism is the antidote to barbarism. 

“We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable. So did the divine right of kings. Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings.” —Ursula K. Le Guin

Summer Organizing Workshops

Summer is a great chance to get out into your community and enjoy the weather, so it’s also a great opportunity for your chapter to meet people & bring them into DSA. Take your chapter outreach, planning, & member development work to the next level this summer by working with our Field Organizers at the DSA Summer Organizing Workshops Series!

At these trainings and workshops, organizers will go through the fundamentals of organization and planning. You’ll also get a chance to discuss your perspectives and organizing challenges with fellow chapter members from around the country. Bring your whole chapter for fun in the (virtual) sun!

RSVP for Sunday 6/30 Green New Deal call — Building for Power in Mass Transit

DSA chapters around the country are organizing for a Green New Deal — campaigning for social housing, public power, and mass transit. Hear from Building for Power campaigns about organizing for mass public transit with labor and socialists in office! Panelists include Anne Marie Drolet (TWU 320 Los Angeles), Richard Marcantonio (People’s Transit Alliance campaign, East Bay DSA member), Samantha Evans (Fix The CTA Campaign, Chicago DSA member), and Lillian Brents (President of ATU Local 1447, Louisville).

Updates from the International Committee’s June General Body Meeting

More than a hundred DSA International Committee (IC) members gathered for a general body meeting on June 10 and heard reports from all subcommittees, with in-depth updates on Palestine solidarity organizing on campuses, delegation reports from a youth-led peace brigade in Colombia and a people’s tribunal on the Philippines held in Belgium, plus a meeting of socialists in France. 

The GBM also highlighted the upcoming No to NATO Summit and protest coming up in Washington DC July 6-7 that DSA is co-sponsoring. And we heard from members of the DSA delegation to observe the Mexican election

To learn more and get involved, join the IC and consider becoming a chapter liaison!

DSA at Socialism Conference 2024 — Early Bird Discount Until Friday 6/28

Reminder to register for Socialism 2024 by Friday 6/28 to get the early bird discounted rate! DSA is a sponsor and will be hosting programming at the conference. Make sure to register today and click the DSA member button on the registration page so we can send you more info!

Join DSA to Protest the DNC in Chicago!

The National Political Committee (NPC) has voted to join the anti-war protests at the Democratic National Convention (DNC), which will be held in Chicago from August 19th-22nd. We must make clear that working-class people do not support the United States’s active complicity in the ongoing genocide in Palestine. DSA will be organizing and mobilizing thousands of people in Chicago and across the country to make this message loud and clear. 

If you’re interested in attending the DNC protest in Chicago, want to help with the planning, or host a solidarity action in your local chapter, please fill out this form!