Continue the Class Struggle — Your January Dispatch

Happy New Year! Here’s your January Dispatch. This month, stand up for peace in Palestine, hear from union workers on our Green New Deal work, and more. Read on to get involved. 

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From Maria — Let’s Continue the Class Struggle

Two weeks into 2024, it feels like we’re heading into a dark place again. When the COVID pandemic hit, our movement lacked the power to transform society to one based on solidarity and democracy. The ruling class accelerated their pillage of the working class and our planet. The far right is ascending across the globe, and our own government is funding mass bombing and starvation. 

But I have hope. Our work — for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, for strong unions, for bridging and enhancing our power in arenas of struggle from politics to the streets — is what will save us. And we’re part of a much larger set of working class movements on the rise.

I refuse to give in to nihilism. We have the energy and the people. What we need now is a plan. How can we harness our collective power most strategically in 2024, an election year? Both leading candidates for President are unpopular. Many voters are disgusted with politics in general, yet millions still see it as their main way to engage. 

How do we navigate the existing political system while also raising expectations for something better? What is the most effective way to move in our workplaces and communities? One hundred and twelve years after the famous “Bread and Roses” Lawrence Textile Strike, how do we leverage our power in the economy and win the power to govern too? Now is the time to decide, together, where we need to be in November and how to build towards that goal.

Socialists approach these questions not from an individual perspective or through tinkering at the top. We look at the structures of society and we know our power comes from the base. History is made by mass movements — so what is our role in this moment?

DSA has a unique democratic structure that, however messy, allows us to make these decisions and plans together. Let’s make a New Year’s resolution to analyze the moment with clear eyes and then get to work.

Maria Svart
DSA National Director

No More Money for Massacres! Sign Up for Ceasefire Phonebanks Thursdays in January

Stand with DSA members and U.S. Representatives Cori Bush and Rashida Tlaib to demand a ceasefire now! DSA members across the country are calling for de-escalation, stopping additional US military aid to Israel, and the protection of millions of civilians. Join our No Money for Massacres phonebanks every Thursday this January. And check out our Palestine Solidarity National Toolkit to learn how you can stay informed, take action, and work for peace and liberation.

Sunday 1/21 — Join Our Workers and the World Unite: Labor in a Green New Deal Call

How would an ecosocialist Green New Deal change work and labor, and what is the role of unions, bargaining for the common good, and rank-and-file organizing in helping us win Green New Deal struggles in the near and long terms?

Join DSA’s GND Campaign Commission and National Labor Commission to hear from organizers about their work and how it fits into the theory and practice of a just transition and socialist horizon! The call will be held on Sunday 1/21 at 7pm ET/6pm CT/5pm MT/4pm PT.

New Year, New You, New Dues — Switch to Solidarity Dues for 2024! Plus Chapter Trainings Sunday 1/21 and Tuesday 1/23

Kick off 2024 with a resolution to stand in solidarity with the working class by making the switch to Solidarity Dues. We can fight for more in 2024, but to build real power, we must fund our own work. Give your 1% for the 99% by committing to Solidarity Dues today!

Already made the switch and ready to ask your comrades to do the same? Sign up for a Solidarity Dues phonebank and bring your chapter to a Solidarity Dues training Sunday 1/21 or Tuesday 1/23.

ICYMI — Free Subscription to In These Times for DSA Members!

Did you resolve to do more reading this year? Support quality reporting on socialist organizing — In These Times is offering a free subscription to DSA members! Click here to sign up. And enjoy your reading!

Apply for the DSA Growth and Development Committee

We want to share important news regarding the national DSA Growth and Development Committee (GDC) leadership! 

After more than a year and a half of dedicated service, Kristian Hernandez and Beth Huang are stepping down as DSA GDC Co-Chairs. We express our sincere gratitude for their contributions in fostering our organization’s growth.

We welcome Colleen Johnston (Denver) and Shane Katz (Baltimore) as the new Co-Chairs of the DSA GDC. Additionally, we are excited to introduce the new GDC Steering Committee of National Political Committee (NPC) members Alex Pellitteri (NYC), Frances Gill (Los Angeles), Sam Heft-Luthy (San Francisco), and Rashad X (Lakefront), as well as (non-NPC members) Michaela Brangan (River Valley), Sarah Callahan (Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky), Beth Huang (Ithaca), Justin Charles (NYC), Alex Finch (Chicago), Kara Hall Zuniga (Las Vegas), Kristian Hernandez (North Texas), and Josh Rusinov (Northern NJ). Together, this team of committed individuals is poised to drive our growth initiatives forward.

The GDC is the primary internal organizing committee for DSA. We develop and implement strategies and programs to grow and sustain DSA, including recruitment and retention drives, surveys, leadership training, chapter mentorship and grants, and more.

Interested in learning more about the GDC? Read our 2023 Convention Report here! Want to get involved? Apply to the GDC here!