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From the National Political Committee — Aligning the Fights

Greetings from your National Political Committee!

Before we go any further, we want to take a moment to thank DSA’s National Director of twelve years, Maria Svart, for her selfless, tireless service to the organization. Maria will be leaving her position in just a few weeks for a well-deserved break, though she’ll still be organizing in DSA as a rank-and-file member. We encourage all members to take a moment and read her farewell letter, and join us in heartfelt thanks and best wishes on her next steps.

As we come barreling into an election year, we’re thinking a lot about the many moving pieces of our organizing and how to wrangle them into logical formations to keep growing our momentum. And as we move through the budgeting season, we also have to figure out how to allocate our limited resources to best support our collective organizing efforts — and how to organize to close a major fundraising gap that has contributed to a large deficit in DSA’s national budget. We know that the fight for socialism in the United States is one that is fought on multiple terrains of struggle, across unique locales, and using a variety of tactics. It is our job as national leaders to help align those fights. Though we must do it with a fraction of the money that the boss and landlord class has, what we have is organized people, and unlike many other political organizations that depend on large donors, we have a durable collective resource base from our members’ dues. And we know that when we come together to organize and fight, we win. 2024 is a critical year for us to organize our shared resources to level up our power as an organization, and we are laying out major fundraising goals for this year to do it all together.

Two struggles that have often been thought to be in tension are the fight for climate justice  and the fight for labor rights, but DSA has long been an organizational advocate of the just transition framework — a collaborative approach that brings together climate activism and the labor movement. This week, we were excited to have over 100 people, including rank-and-file members of the UAW and United Teachers of Los Angeles, come together on a recent cross-committee call between our National Labor Commission and our Green New Deal Campaign Commission to discuss new developments in labor-focused climate organizing. With 2023 officially closing out as the hottest year on record, this work is urgent and critical.

We’re seeing similar collaboration of late between the labor movement and the international anti-war movement, especially around Palestinian liberation. While we watch horrors unfold daily on our social media feeds, mainstream Democrats and Republicans have fully aligned in their continued support of apartheid, war, and genocide. But, along with our siblings in the labor movement and our comrades in the international left, we refuse to be silent. This past week, we saw SEIU join UAW, APWU, and UE, and dozens of union locals across industries — as well as DSA electeds in municipal, statewide, and federal office — in calling for a ceasefire now. You can join them by plugging into our No Money For Massacres campaign by joining an upcoming phonebank, and using other methods in our Palestine Solidarity toolkit, to help us demand a ceasefire from Congress.

Collaborative, cross-terrain work — connecting social movements and elected officials and the labor movement and the tenants movement and more — is part of what makes DSA so important. With members across the country, in different industries, with different organizing focuses, we are able to work to tie together all of these moving parts, but we can’t do it without each other. If you’re not yet giving your 1% for the 99% and paying Solidarity Dues, please switch today and help us build durable funds for this world-shifting endeavor. And if you’re not yet involved in your chapter, reach out to them today for information about their local work and ways you can get plugged in!

Yours in Solidarity,

DSA National Political Committee

P.S. We were excited to see DSA-LA member Ayo Edebiri take home an Emmy Award last week for her role on The Bear, and remembered the light and loving roasting she gave us during a 2021 DSA fundraising event. The irony of highlighting this in an email is not lost on us… Feel free to share from Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!

Tonight Thursday 1/25 — RSVP for Palestine Ceasefire Phonebank

Join us tonight, Thursday 1/25 at 9pm ET/8pm CT/7pm MT/6pm PT for our No Money for Massacres solidarity phonebank. Stand with DSA members and U.S. Representatives Cori Bush, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and DSA members across the country to demand a ceasefire, reject US military funding for war crimes, and protect millions of civilians!

And check out our Palestine Solidarity National Toolkit to learn how you can stay informed, take action, and work for peace and liberation.

DSA Trans Rights and Bodily Autonomy Mass Kickoff Call with Erin Reed — RSVP Today for Saturday 2/3

Trans rights and abortion access are the front lines of the fight against the far right and for working class liberation! On Saturday 2/3 at 5pm ET/4pm CT/3pm MT/2pm PT, DSA is launching our national Trans Rights and Bodily Autonomy Campaign with a mass virtual call. We’re honored to welcome trans journalist Erin Reed — the leading voice on trans rights news in America via her newsletter Erin in the Morning, where she routinely breaks stories cited by major news outlets. We invite all DSA chapters to join this call and plan together how we can defend and advance trans rights and abortion access by getting active in our communities, unions, and schools across the country — leading up to a national Day of Action on March 31, Trans Day of Visibility.

National Labor Commission School Staff Network Launch Tuesday 2/8

Join the National Labor Commission on Thursday 2/8 at 8pm ET/7pm CT/6pm MT/5pm PT for the first call of the DSA School staff network! On this call, you’ll hear how to support reform efforts in AFT, NEA, and other school staff unions. We’ll also discuss how to unite for fully funded public schools, a Green New Deal for public schools, and running our candidates for school board to defeat right-wing attacks on education.

Green New Deal Campaign Commission Strategic Campaign Training Series Begins Thursday 2/15!

Join the Green New Deal Campaign Commission and the Growth and Development Committee to learn about strategic campaigning! Over the course of three sessions beginning Thursday 2/15, we’ll equip you with the political education, tools, and coaching necessary to launch, run, and win a Building for Power campaign.

Each session will be held at 7pm ET/6pm CT/5pm MT/4pm PT. We’re talking about deeply felt demands that will help improve conditions for the working class, while building your chapters membership and supporter base at the same time. Join us! 

Give Your 1% for the 99% — Only 100 Solidarity Dues Bandanas Left!

Swag Alert! We have 100 Solidarity Dues bandanas left — snag yours today by making the switch to Solidarity Dues and pledge your 1% for the 99% before they run out! Chapters and members all over the country are gearing up for 2024. But one of the ways we get ready for the year ahead is making sure we have the funds we need to keep organizing, growing our movement, and building power. 

Already made the switch and ready to ask your comrades to do the same? Join the Solidarity Dues Call-A-Thon by signing up for an upcoming phonebank. A short training will happen at the top of the call, no prior experience necessary!

Saturday 1/27 — “Democracy” in the United States: A Debate in the Lead-up to November

Join the DSA National Political Education Committee on Saturday 1/27 at 4pm ET/3pm CT/2pm MT/1pm PT for “‘Democracy’ in the United States: A debate in the lead-up to November.”

Members Jerry Harris and Luke Pickrell will discuss their understanding of democracy, whether the US Constitution supports or frustrates it, and to what extent socialists should “defend” democracy going into the 2024 elections.

Jerry Harris is a retired union activist, national secretary of the Global Studies Association, and international board member of the Network for Critical Studies of Global Capitalism. His latest book was Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Democracy.

Luke Pickrell is a member of East Bay DSA. He’s written in Cosmonaut and The Democratic Constitution Blog, and contributed to various discussions in the ‘Why Marx?’ project.

DSA Mutual Aid Working Group All Member Meeting Wednesday 1/31 — Strike Support Edition!

The National Mutual Aid Working Group’s bi-monthly All-Member Meeting is Wednesday 1/31 at 8:30pm ET/7:30pm CT/6:30pm MT/5:30pm PT. Join us and talk shop with mutual aid-loving comrades, get updated on our working group projects, and learn how you can get involved!

Featuring a member from NW Ohio DSA discussing strike support for the UAW in Toledo!

International Committee Chapter Liaison Rollout — Apply by Wednesday 2/7

The DSA International Committee (IC) is opening applications for its chapter liaison program! 

The IC seeks interested DSA members to liaise between local chapters and the IC’s national subcommittees and campaigns. Chapter Liaisons will demonstrate the capability to coordinate campaigns, communications, political education, diplomatic missions, and national resource requests. This may involve: building a working relationship with a local chapter’s already-existing internationalism committee; developing a local chapter’s internationalism committee; connecting a chapter with a national initiative; sharing ideas and resources based on local organizing experiences; initiating organizing at the national or local level, and/or helping us shape the liaison program as it expands. This program is fundamentally experimental — a way to bridge the divide between national DSA and local chapter structures — so it will be flexible to new conditions based on the needs of both local chapters and the IC. Liaisons will be invited to help shape and determine this relationship for the betterment of DSA’s internationalism organizing. Interested candidates can read more about the program and its expectations here.

Applications are open through Wednesday 2/7. Apply now!

Apply to Join DSA’s Fundraising Committee! Deadline Thursday 2/15

DSA is seeking members with fundraising experience to apply to join DSA’s National Fundraising Committee. The Fundraising Committee will support the coordination of national fundraising efforts and serve as an advisory body for DSA’s fundraising practices and strategy. With ambitious plans and a long road ahead, we must be able to sustain our work, and that means coordinated and strategic fundraising. As a socialist organization engaged in class struggle, we must fund our own work. Submit your application today! The deadline is Thursday 2/15.

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