DSA’s Healthcare Work is Getting Attention

DSA’s healthcare work is heating up across the country. In New York, all of DSA’s local groups are teaming up to build support for single payer in their state. And California is in action. Check out this video from East Bay DSA. Thanks to their efforts, and their teaming up with DSA groups statewide, hundreds of California DSA members are being trained to canvass for single payer.

The media is paying attention. CNN reached out to DSA’s own David Duhalde for more. And it’s not just blue states. In red states like Kentucky, DSA local groups are saying no to healthcare cutbacks and fighting back for Medicare for all. DSA’s National Political Committee has released a full statement here. It includes a point-by-point overview of the dangers of TrumpCare, the case for universal healthcare, and how you can fight back.