Green New Deal Campaign Launches New Phase

DSA’s Green New Deal (GND) Steering Committee is launching our next phase! Check out our launch call with the GND Steering Committee, insurgent climate candidates across the country, and a special guest on building the road to ecosocialist power!

Last year, we organized for visionary legislation like the PRO Act and the Green New Deal for Public Schools — only to slam into the wall of the American corporate oligarchy and the spineless Democrats they bought and paid for. But failure is not an option. To take on the ruling class, we need to do what we do best: organize to build movement power from the ground up.

While every DSA candidate is a climate champion, the GND Steering Committee has identified 10 insurgents running in strategic state legislature and city council races. Electing them would position us to fight for and win concrete gains for the working class and begin to assemble the pieces of a Green New Deal. Let’s throw the gauntlet at the fossil fuel establishment. Welcome DSA’s first ever GND Slate!

Green New Deal Slate! Photos and names of candidates of diverse races and genders: Paul Prescod, Tyler Lamon, Robert Bell, James Coleman, Hugo Soto-Martinez, Sarahana Shrestha, David Alexis, Rachel Ventura, Illapa Sairitupac, Elisabeth Epps, and Vanessa Agudelo.

Each of these candidates understands what it means to center workers in the fight for the planet and how to win it with worker power — our power. They will anchor the legislative strategy in Phase 2 of the DSA GND campaign: a full-scale mobilization of DSA chapters across the country to fight for and win bread-and-butter labor-climate policies in state houses and city halls across the country. This will kick off an escalating cycle of making climate an electoral wedge issue, turning that pressure into concrete wins, using those wins to build political legitimacy and recruit working-class DSA members, and wielding that new power to fuel bigger wins. The forces of fossil capital are formidable, but we can take them on together — the power is ours!

This is the just the beginning of our new phase of Green New Deal organizing:

  • mobilizing the biggest phonebanks since the Bernie campaign
  • training a new generation of socialist organizers
  • assembling grassroots networks of working class donors and building class independence
  • flexing the power of the biggest socialist movement in the country!