DSA’s National Election Committee — Fighting for Montana and Kentucky Abortion Access

Louisville, Kentucky DSA march for abortion access. Two people face the camera, wearing green to symbolize support for abortion rights. One has a DSA sign saying Free abortion on demand without apology.

Abortion is under attack by right-wing ballot measures in Kentucky and Montana — but DSA chapters are fighting back! Our National Electoral Committee (NEC) is organizing to support these campaigns to protect abortion. And we need your help no matter where you live. Sign up to join our phone and text banks as we put together a nationwide effort for free abortion on demand, without apology!

Be part of our fight for free abortion, on demand, without apology. This fall, general election ballots around the country will include DSA-endorsed measures to empower tenants, provide universal pre-K, and strengthen democracy. Ballots also include anti-abortion measures our members are working hard to defeat, like Kentucky’s Constitutional Amendment 2 and Montana’s LR-131.

  • In Kentucky, a trigger ban activated by Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization took effect in August, ending abortion care after a brief period of indeterminacy sparked by a circuit court decision that the ban violated privacy provisions in the state constitution. Constitutional Amendment 2 would lock in a full ban on abortion care by pre-empting current and future challenges on that basis. Chapters in Louisville and Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky are knocking on doors and calling voters around the state to urge them to vote No on 2.
  • Montana’s LR-131 would redefine embryos and fetuses as “infants” and “legal persons” and create civil and criminal penalties for failing to attempt to save an embryo or fetus’s life after abortion procedures. Viability would be completely ignored. This would undermine public trust in medical decision-making and create a chilling effect on abortion care at all gestational stages. All four DSA chapters in Montana — Billings, Western Montana, Helena, and Bozeman — are coordinating on a campaign to defeat the measure.

DSA chapter organizing to protect our right to abortion complements broader coalitions, and resources from our members support critical volunteer-driven campaign infrastructure. Contributions will help our campaigns pay for election technology, mailers, canvassing literature, and more — vital tools to reach voters and get our message out.

This summer, DSA members in Kansas made thousands of voter ID and GOTV contacts to defeat an anti-abortion ballot measure — a major win for the abortion rights movement and a sign that abortion is a winning issue in red states. Members across the country joined NEC training calls to protect abortion, including power mapping their states and planning strategic campaigns based on their specific terrain.

This fall, we won’t go back. Join in taking our next steps forward — volunteer today to defend abortion access in Kentucky and Montana! 

Want to help, but don’t have time to volunteer? Support these campaigns by making a gift to our full slate of candidates and ballot measures today!