DSA Labor Launches National Solidarity Fund

Democratic Socialist of America’s National Labor Commission (DSA Labor) just launched the National Labor Solidarity Fund to support DSA’s labor organizing and solidarity efforts!

DSA Labor recognizes that socialists need to meet the moment of national labor upsurge — and DSA’s national labor solidarity fund is the resource which will power the solidarity campaigns of every DSA chapter across the country.

Solidarity forever, for everyone. We're launching DSA's national labor solidarity fund so every DSA chapter can join in labor struggle with workers. Donate today at!Coast-to-coast, DSA chapters have been deeply involved with local labor struggles.

Portland DSA was a vital partner to BCTGM members in their strike against Nabisco, NYC-DSA ran a robust strike solidarity program for Teamsters during the Hunts Point Produce Market strike, Chicago DSA was on the front lines supporting striking teachers and public schools — no other socialist organization in the country has been able to match the reach and depth of DSA’s support for organized labor.

Now, with a collective national resource, DSA Labor is able to respond even more quickly to the needs of workers when they need help fighting the boss.

Nabisco workers and Portland DSA members of different ages, races, and genders hold picket signs and listen intently to a rally speaker.

Community members rally to support members of BCTGM Local 364 in their strike against Nabisco in August 2021. (Portland DSA)

In addition to going on strike, workers have been forming new unions across the country in industries previously thought too difficult to organize, and the DSA national labor solidarity fund is able to provide resources to keep the momentum going for new organizing.

The most visible effort has been the successes of Starbucks Workers United, where workers have won union elections in over 200 stores. DSA chapters from Seattle DSA to Boston DSA have been active participants in DSA’s national Solidarity is Brewing! campaign, providing community support, joining worker-led actions, and leading strike solidarity as Starbucks baristas seek union recognition. 

DSA has also been deeply involved with the first unionized Chipotle in the country, where Greater Lansing DSA was credited with providing vital “early guidance, resources, and support” for the Chipotle workers who organized with the Teamsters.

Four Chipotle workers holding Teamsters signs saying Organize! One is jumping in the air. All are smiling and engaged.

Chipotle worker-organizers Harper McNamara, Sam Smith, and Atulya Dora-Laskey in front of the union hall with Teamsters organizer T. J. Kitchen. (Cole Hughes)

To fight climate catastrophe, secure dignity for exploited workers, and ultimately win a socialist future, the working class must be organized and fight back. DSA will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the working class in all of its struggles against capitalism.

You can help build worker power by giving today!