DSA Celebrates International Workers’ Day!

DSA of different ages, genders, and races holding a Metro Detroit Democratic Socialists of America banner. Several have raised fists. Two are holding signs reading "DSA Stands with Baristas" and "Union Coffee for a Union City"

Detroit DSAers stand up for union coffee in a union town!

This Sunday is May Day — International Workers’ Day! There’s never been a better time to organize than right now. From Amazon to Starbucks, rank-and-file workers across the country are joining together in a renewed labor movement — and you can be a part of it.

On May 1, we celebrate our rich history of organizing and unionizing, remember the struggle for labor rights in this country, and remind those at the top — the bosses, politicians, and CEOs — that when workers come together, we have the power.

This weekend, DSA chapters are getting together for May Day labor solidarity pickets, picnics, and potlucks. Here’s just a sample of celebrations across the country:

From Florida to Iowa to Texas, DSA chapters are celebrating our history and organizing for a brighter future this International Workers’ Day!

And no matter where you live, sign up today to join our Solidarity is Brewing campaign to support Starbucks workers! In their Dirty Dozen report, the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health names Starbucks one of the most dangerous employers in the United States. We stand together with the workers fighting for a safe workplace and dignity on the job!

Starbucks workers have already won union elections at more than 40 stores, from Georgia to Oregon, from Wisconsin to New York. In the face of rampant union-busting, including firing pro-union workers, forcing baristas to attend anti-union meetings, and more, Starbucks workers are winning big and inspiring other service workers to unionize.

Last month, hundreds of DSAers joined our Solidarity is Brewing call with Starbucks Workers United speakers and members of the DSA Democratic Socialist Labor Commission. Whether you’re a Starbucks worker, a worker at a different coffee shop, or a community supporter, sign up today to help keep the victories coming.

And sign up here to learn how to organize in your workplace and in your community with veteran labor organizer Jane McAlevey! Join DSA and Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung for our free Organizing for Power global training series. The registration deadline is Monday 5/2. Register today!

Now, more than ever, is the time to be organizing, and DSA members are ready to keep the work going. Join us!