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From the National Political Committee — Solidarity Brings Us Closer

As the year draws to a close, we’re naturally looking back at the incredible things DSA has accomplished in 2023. But in a year like this one, where we’re at the end of a few months’ worth of weeks that feel like decades, it’s hard to see past the massive task in front of us: stopping the genocide in Gaza and fighting for a free Palestine. 

That work cannot and will not stop. DSA members are continuing to rally, march, and organize creative actions with masses of people turning out in communities all over the country. DSA electeds in office have been bravely speaking up against censure, organizing local resolutions, standing with protesters in legislatures, hunger striking, naming names, and disrupting the holiday parties of those in the ruling class who are enabling Israel’s atrocities. Earlier this month at a labor solidarity rally organized with DSA at the White House, United Auto Workers joined the call for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza — the largest union to do so yet, and a major breakthrough for building a working-class foreign policy in the United States.

We have our final No Money For Massacres phonebank of the year tomorrow night, Thursday 12/21, and we’ll be picking them back up on January 4, 2024 — sign up and join us to make these important phone calls and throw your weight behind demanding a Ceasefire NOW! And as of today (December 20, 2023), both the House and the Senate have adjourned for the holidays, which means Representatives and Senators are all heading home to their districts. This time of year is a favorite for in-district fundraisers, meet-and-greets, and photo ops, so you can expect your electeds to be out in the community early and often — which gives you and your DSA chapter an ideal opportunity to reach them directly to talk about the ongoing genocide in Gaza. Check out our quick guide to organizing Palestine solidarity actions through this Congressional recess!

Even with this monumental task at the forefront of so many of our minds, we deserve to spend a few minutes reflecting on some of the wins, big and small, that DSA has fought to achieve over the past year. Our collective efforts are making a difference in the lives of working people everywhere, and that is cause for celebration. We encourage you to spend some time reminiscing about some of your local wins with your chapter comrades; it’s a valuable task that builds solidarity and steels us for the big fights ahead. The NPC and DSA staff did a bit of this ourselves and here are just a few of the many things that popped up:

  • We held the first in-person DSA Convention since COVID started. We met in Chicago in August to engage in robust and comradely debate and organization-building with over 1200 of our closest comrades, charting the path forward for the next two years.
  • DSA chapters across New York state built and led a coalition to pass the Build Public Renewables Act (BPRA), the largest, most aggressive, and most comprehensive piece of Green New Deal legislation we’ve seen anywhere in the country.
  • Our Strike Ready Campaign trained over 250 Solidarity Captains to lead Strike Ready work in their chapters, initially leading up to the possible Teamsters strike and providing further support to the UAW Big Three strikes. This connected the work of on-the-ground union solidarity and relationship-building through a national network that kept us at the forefront of this crucial work.
  • Ohio chapters worked together in every corner of the state to protect the right to abortion with an amendment to the state constitution. While rights are being restricted in many places, these comrades fought like hell and actually saw abortion rights expanded.
  • Over 1200 of your fellow DSA members helped ensure that our organization has a durable funding source for the work we want to do by switching to Solidarity Dues and working to turn out their comrades to do the same. Have you made the switch yet?

The incredible thing is that these are just a few of the victories. Our 69% win rate for nationally  endorsed campaigns on election night means that new ballot measures and freshly elected politicians will be coming into place as we roll into the New Year, setting us up for significant growth as we show an alternative way forward in a system that can otherwise seem hopeless.

We encourage you to lean into that hope as the calendar changes over. A better world is possible and the solidarity that we’re building is bringing us ever closer. A very happy holiday season to all of you; we wish you plenty of good rest, good cheer, and solidarity forever!

Get Your Union-Printed Bandana by 12/31! And Sign Up for a Solidarity Dues Phonebank

As a member-funded organization, having the resources to keep building working-class power in 2024 is up to us. That’s why over one thousand DSA members have committed to giving their 1% for the 99% by switching to Solidarity Dues. If you haven’t made the switch yet, sign up by Sunday 12/31 and get a union-printed Solidarity Dues Bandana!

Already made the switch and ready to ask your comrades to do the same? Sign up for a Solidarity Dues phonebank and bring your chapter to an upcoming training this January. Onward, together!

Applications for the 2024 YDSA Conference are Open! Apply ASAP

Applications are open for college or high school-aged socialists to attend the 2024 YDSA Conference in Atlanta the weekend of March 1-3, 2024. Join YDSA to learn about how young socialists around the country are fighting for and winning trans liberation, reproductive justice, a stronger labor movement, and more. Learn more and find the application here! Slots are filling up, so apply ASAP. 

Limited Spots Open on Budget and Finance Committee — Application Deadline Tuesday 1/2

Applications for very limited slots for people with directly applicable financial skills are open for the national Budget and Finance Committee. If you have both directly applicable fiscal skills and experience and the ability to attend all meetings, consider applying to assist with the ongoing budget process for the upcoming fiscal year, as well as the process for next year. The application deadline is Tuesday 1/2, and the application form is here.

Welcome New National Electoral Commission Leadership!

Congratulations to the National Electoral Commission’s (NEC) incoming steering committee! Our newly elected leaders are Skye O’Toole, Katie Sims, Nick Conder, Tzara Kane, Sam Rosenthal, Irene Koo, David Vibert, Ben Lenz, Grace Mausser, Robert Nichols, Derek Tulowitzky, Chanpreet Singh, and Wamiq Chowdhury. Huge thanks from the outgoing NEC to everyone who participated in the election — a critical kickoff of our transformation from a national committee to a national commission. Stay tuned to learn how members across DSA can get involved in 2024!

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