Absolutely Socialist: DSA Candidates are Winning Big!

India Walton wins! Mayor of Buffalo, NY. Photo of India Walton, a Black woman, standing with her arms crossed and a can-do expression. She is smiling and looking up and forward towards the future. At right, the DSA logo of two hands shaking and a rose rising from them.DSA member India Walton pulled off a stunning defeat of the four-term incumbent mayor of Buffalo in Tuesday’s primary! Asked at her victory press conference if she was a socialist, Walton replied, “Oh absolutely. The entire intent of this campaign is to draw down power and resources to the ground level — to the hands of the people.”

We are the workers. We do the work. And we deserve a government that works with and for us,” she told supporters at their victory party.

Walton’s win rides another red wave of municipal wins for DSA. Congratulations to Buffalo DSA, the National Electoral Committee and the coalition of local forces who put in the full court press ground game to make that happen!

And it’s not just Buffalo. Nationally and locally endorsed candidates from nine New York State chapters won their primaries or general elections — from city council wins in the Rust Belt city of Rochester, to openly abolitionist candidates in New York City, to a farmer and community organizer beating a long-time incumbent in the Mid-Hudson Valley.

Earlier this month our San Antonio chapter celebrated two city council wins in that Texas city. More DSA nationally and locally-endorsed races across the country are to come. In St. Petersburg, Florida, Richie Floyd’s city council primary is in August. And in Boston, Massachusetts, city council candidates Kendra Hicks and Joel Richards are gearing up for their September primary. You can support our Socialist Slate candidates here.

DSA candidates and organizing campaigns are winning across the country! Do you want to be a part of our mass, multiracial socialist movement for a brighter future? Then join DSA today!