National Announcements

May Updates

National Political Committee meeting minutes - The NPC is DSA's elected national leadership. Click here to read minutes from the April 14 - 15, 2018 meeting.

National Electoral Committee - Congratulations to the new members of the National Electoral Committee and to our endorsed candidates who recently won in primaries!

  • New NEC Members are Abdullah Younus NYC, Adam Parsons Columbus, AJ Reed Quad Cities, Alex Nagle Philadelphia, Allie Cohn Knoxville, Austin Binns Philadelphia, Chris Riddiough Metro DC, Christian Bowe Lansing, David Greve Pittsburgh, Dele Balogun Chicago, Devin McManus NYC, Felicia Hamilton Boulder, Jason Clayton Metro DC, Jessica Culbertson Akron, Katrina Bergstrom Los Angeles, Keaton Slansky Seattle, Lucas Perez-Leahy Omaha, Mark Masaoka Los Angeles, Peter Simon Denver, Rachel Reyes Los Angeles, Renee Paradis NYC, Sarah Ganong Central Connecticut, Spencer Chan Chicago, Tascha Van Auken NYC, Yesenia Padilla San Diego.

Medicare for All - Visit for updates and to make sure your chapter is signed up! And join DSAers from across the country at the Single Payer Strategy Conference in Minneapolis June 22 - 24. Click here for more information and to register.

Democratic Socialist Labor Commission - The DSLC Steering Committee welcomes participation by other members of the DSA Labor community to our new subcommittees: Education, Leadership Development, Salting & Organizing the Unorganized, Labor Mapping, and Communications. Email to join.

Member Re-engagement and Dues Renewal Drive - The Dues Drive Handbook is ready! Check it out here and reach out to your chapter dues captain (or if you don’t know who your dues captain is, your field organizer) to help develop and execute your chapter’s dues drive plan.

National Anti-racist Working Group, Immigrants’ Rights Committee - The Immigrants' Rights Committee works with DSA chapters and individuals to respond to the increased enforcement actions of ICE. Currently we are discussing state and local election campaigns that focus on Sanctuary cities and states. Visit for more information.

Share Your Amazing Chapter Work - You can submit media (videos, audio, articles, etc.) about all your great chapter and organizing committee work.. We’ll use national social media and promotional materials to amplify if!

Mailing Addresses - If you or a fellow member needs to update their mailing address, name, or phone number, please have them fill in the mailing address change form: They MUST enter the same email address that they use for DSA email.


April Updates

  • Socialist Feminist Approaches to Medicare for All

Webinar Wednesday, May 2, 2018 9pm ET/ 8pm CT/7pm MT/ 6pm PT

Women are the major users of health care, both for themselves and for their children and often their parents. Women are also the majority of health care providers, as nurses, home health care workers and often as unpaid providers for elderly relatives. What are the specific concerns for women related to health and how can we organize to address them? What does this mean for our Medicare for All campaign? Join panelists Natalie Shure, Megan Svoboda and Amy Zachmeyer, and National Director Maria Svart to discuss socialist feminist approaches to Medicare for All. Click here to RSVP.

  • Share Your Amazing Work - You can submit media (videos, audio, articles, etc.) about all your great work to national staff. We’ll use national social media and promotional materials to amplify if! Share here:
  • Mailing Addresses - If someone in your chapter has moved and needs to update their address, have them fill in the mailing address change form. They MUST enter the same email address that they use for DSA email:

  • Dues Drive - The dues drive handbook is almost ready to go! We’ve got mobilizer & dues drive training calls coming up so you can practice the skills you need to deepen relationships across your membership and renew members’ commitment to DSA. And we’re continuing monthly reports on your progress toward your chapter’s goals on this month’s stakeholder calls.
  • Training Calls:
  • NEC - The NEC's applications to run for the committee are now closed and electoral working groups across the country will begin voting on the NEC in the next week (to be decided by the beginning of May). The NEC is also processing their first batch of candidates applying for national endorsements and hosting trainings weekly. Our chapter outreach team is working on contacting over 100 chapters to discuss forming electoral working groups and improving our chapters’ existing electoral work! You can find out more information at

  • DSLC - The Labor Commission was excited to hold a great meeting with DSA members at the Labor Notes conference at the beginning of the month--over 100 members were in attendance! While there, the Steering Committee met in person for the first time and has formed five subcommittees to help us facilitate labor work. If you'd like to join one of the subcommittees, please email and specify which subcommittee you'd like to join.
    • Education
    • Leadership Development
    • Organizing the Unorganized
    • Communications
    • Mapping Labor in DSA
  • M4A - April 21 - 22 will be a Medicare for All national day of action! Plan a local activity about Medicare for All and get in touch with the national organizers to register your event on the national M4A website. 
  • DSA Blog - We are gearing up for more coverage of chapters, political analysis, and new editorials.
  • Religion & Socialism Working Group - The Poor People’s Campaign is underway with DSA webinars and trainings towards their 40 Days of Action starting in mid-May.

  • DSA’s 2017 National Convention passed a resolution calling for the establishment of a national grievance and dispute resolution system to address members’ harassment complaints within the organization. DSA is engaging a self-employed independent contractor for a short-term project to develop and launch a national grievance and mediation system for DSA in line with 2017 convention guidelines. Click here to see the Request for Proposals.

March Updates

  • National Political Committee meeting minutes - The NPC is DSA's elected national leadership. Click here to read the minutes of the NPC's meeting January 26 - 28, 2018.

  • Share Your Amazing Chapter and Organizing Committee Work - You can submit media (videos, audio, articles, etc.) about all the great work you’ve done over the last year.. We’ll use national social media and promotional materials to amplify your good work!
  • Mailing Address Updates - If you have moved and needs to update your address, fill in the mailing address change form. You MUST enter the same email address that you use for DSA email:
  • National Electoral Committee Elections - The NEC just finished running a training for chapters on research and one on compliance. We’re processing our first requests for national endorsements. Finally, we're electing a new committee! Nominations are due April 3 - see announcement at the bottom of these announcements.
  • Democratic Socialist Labor Commission - Are you a DSA member going to Labor Notes in Chicago in April? Please fill out this form! We will need some volunteers throughout the weekend, so please let us know if you're willing to help out for a few hours. We will also be hosting an orientation call for new attendees, so if this is going to be your first time going to Labor Notes let us know and we will reach out to you directly.
  • Medicare 4 All - April 21 - 22 will be a Medicare for All national weekend of action! Plan a local activity with your chapter or organizing committee and let us know at m4a (at) dsausa (dot) org!
  • Democratic Left - The Spring issue, which is a special issue on Medicare for All, is in the mail. 
  • Religion & Socialism Working Group - We are gathering contact information for everyone who is involved with the Poor People’s Campaign so that we can be in touch with each other. Keep your eyes open for an email blast with sign up information in the coming week.
  • Environmental and Climate Justice Working Group - We’re making moves join other eco-concerned comrades and help make climate & environmental justice a major focus in and outside of DSA!
  • Queer Socialists Working Group - The Queer Socialists Working Group has recently concluded its first election  and proudly welcomes its new steering committee!
  • National Electoral Committee Candidate Nomination Information - DEADLINE to apply: April 3, 2018

    Are you interested in getting more involved with national DSA’s electoral work? Have experience on campaigns you want to share with other DSA chapters? Run for a position on the National Electoral Committee!

    Now in its second year, the National Electoral Committee is the body that helps implement DSA’s national electoral strategy, which you can read here: national-electoral-strategy/. The Committee is holding elections for its voting membership this April, and we’re now accepting nominations for those who want to join the committee.

    The newly elected NEC will be a 25-person body that includes four members from the National Political Committee. Twenty-one slots will be elected.

    The NEC works through its subcommittees, including national electoral training team, compliance, chapter outreach, and endorsement subcommittees. Five seats on the committee are reserved for chapters that have less than 250 members, eleven for people who don’t identify as men, five for people of color, two each for chapters in the South and Midwest, and one for the Mountain West. No more than 4 members shall be from any one chapter. We’ll be capping nominations at about 100 total nominees, allocated by chapter membership, to ensure that everyone who votes in the election has the opportunity to review all candidate materials and make a meaningful choice about who to vote for.

    Serving on the NEC is a significant time commitment. People who run should be prepared to commit at least five hours a week to NEC work.

    We’ll forward the applications of everyone who fills out this form to the electoral bodies of local chapters, who will nominate people for election to the committee. Then each chapter’s electoral body will vote on who they’d like to see on the committee. Stay tuned for more details about the election process. And if you’re an at-large member, don’t worry, the current NEC will consider your application and nominate at-large members for consideration.

    The deadline for nominating yourself is April 3, 2018.


February Updates

  • Incorporation Kits & Calls - Check out the new chapter incorporation kits to support your chapter to incorporate as a legal entity in your state

  • Medicare for All - Are you doing M4A work? Have you signed up for the campaign? You can sign up now and order a campaign kit at When you have M4A events, you can use the #DSAM4A to bring some national attention to your event!

  • DSLC - The Democratic Socialist Labor Commission has elected our steering committee. We're planning a national labor stakeholders call in March, and we're also planning for DSA's presence at the Labor Notes conference in Chicago, April 6-8. If you are a labor activist, get in touch with your chapter leaders for details about how to join the national labor listserv. 

  • National Electoral Committee - Now that the NPC has officially passed a national electoral strategy, the interim NEC & co-chairs have formed, trainings are coming soon, the NEC website is live and DSA national endorsement applications are open. You can read the national strategy and sign up to volunteer at

  • Fundraising & Dues Committee - The 2018 Dues Drive is about to kick off in earnest! Renew your dues today at 

  • Democratic Left magazine - Look for the Spring Special Issue on Medicare for All, coming to you in March.

  • National Design Committee - Alongside design support for national events, such as the YDSA winter conference, the National Design Committee has been working to centralize design material from all chapters into a single repository.

  • Queer Socialists WG - The QSWG is in open nominations for leadership, with nominations closing at the elections meeting on February 28 (9PM EST), and an election in the first week in March. Contact the working group leaders for more information.

  • Socialist Feminist WG - Want to smash economic barriers to abortion access? Be a part of DSA'S April Bowl-a-thon for Abortion Access. You can find more information at: Reach us via Twitter here:

  • Climate & Environmental Justice WG - We just concluded our first Steering Committee election. Ten excellent comrades are now on the Steering Committee and we're very excited about the working group moving forward!

  • Legal WG - Legal working group is a group of legal professionals who help chapters with their legal needs including incorporation, intellectual property, accessibility, and free speech issues to name only a few!


January Updates

  • YDSA Conference - We're in the home stretch of organizing our annual Young Democratic Socialists of America national outreach conference! We expect 300 students from all regions of the country (maybe more - already 80 are registered.) Please publicize the conference online, circulate the scholarship donation link, and make sure YDSA chapters in your area know about it!

    If you can volunteer in advance, or if you live in the Metro Washington D.C. area and can volunteer the weekend of the conference, February 16 -18, please reach out to Lawrence Dreyfuss on staff at with "YDSA conf volunteer" in subject line.

    Details at:
  • Security - The more effective we become, the more we become a target. A new resource was just launched that has pictures of all known undercover associates of James O'Keefe's right-wing Project Veritas - called Project Veritas Exposed. Check it out at

  • DSA Swag - DSA Swag store is revamping and has a survey to discover the type of swag members want - please share!

  • National Electoral Committee - Applications for national endorsements will open the first week of February. if your chapter has a candidate that wants to seek a national endorsement too, please email

  • Medicare 4 All - Boxes with t-shirts and other goodies will go on sale soon! Watch the website for updates:

  • Anti-Racism WG - We are working with United We Dream for a Clean Dream Act.

  • Disability WG - The Disability Working Group has begun work on an accessibility guide and elected a new steering committee member.

  • Legal WG - We are assisting with the incorporation kit and process as well as answering legal questions submitted by chapter leadership.

  • Democratic Left - we are having an editorial group conference call on Thursday, Jan. 18 to reboot the website.

  •  DL Blog - The DL Blog Committee needs submissions for Black History Month. Thanks!

2018 Dues Renewal Drive! 

  • Renewal Kit - The national Fundraising Committee is wrapping up the first round of materials for the dues renewal drive and should have a dues renewal kit out to chapter leaders by the next round of stakeholders calls! In the kit, we’ll have guides for having one-on-one conversations with members about their dues, sample phone-banking scripts, sample calls to actions for big meetings, draft button designs, and more to help your chapter with renewal work.


New Member Call, June 24

June 22, 2018

9pm ET/8 CT/7 MT/6 PT

Click to RSVP

You've joined DSA - Great! Now register for this New Member Orientation call and find out more about our politics and our vision. And, most importantly, how you can become involved.

Questions or Comments? Contact: 

Sam M

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M4A Chapter Activist Training Call: How to Passing a Medicare for All City Council Resolution

June 30, 2018

Saturday June 30th at 4pm ET/3pm CT/2pm MT/1pm PST

Click Here to RSVP

In March, Philadelphia DSA members showed up in droves with healthcare workers, community members, and elected leaders to pass a Philadelphia city-wide resolution supporting the Medicare for All Act of 2017 and affirming universal access to healthcare as a human right. This victory showed that in a city where the poverty rate is over 26%, city council leaders learned where to stand when it comes to universal healthcare. To move a national campaign to win Medicare for All, we need to build support from a broad range of cities and municipalities across the country. With some research, planning, and lobbying, you could work with city council members to pass a resolution of support in your city too!

Click Here to RSVP