National Updates

July 24, 2018

NPC Issues Apology Regarding Charlottesville Funds Distribution

The NPC has issued an apology statement regarding the Charlottesville medical funds distribution via the National Compassion Fund (NCF.) The statement includes a timeline of decisions made and steps to push for the release of the remaining funds immediately. The full statement is available here.

July 10, 2018

National Board Vacancies

One of the reasons members of DSA feel so passionately about our work is that it is democratically governed. While we are able to quickly respond to current events, our bedrock national priorities are voted on by delegates at our national convention every two years. Members also elect our sixteen-person national board, the National Political…

June 20, 2018

June 2018 National Updates

Announcing our National Harassment and Grievance Officer In response to delegatesā€™ democratic decision at the last convention, and in our quest to build a strong DSA where all members can organize and thrive, we have hired a National Harassment and Grievance Officer (NHGO). Members must trust that if they come forward with concerns, they will…