National Tech Committee (NTC) Updates

Meet the NTC!

The National Tech Committee (NTC) is composed of 17 active members from a variety of chapters. For our first tech-focused update, we have included the bios of the folx that help run it, but watch this space for more of our members in the future!


Photo of Ty-Lucas Kelley

Ty-Lucas Kelley (NTC Coordinator):

Ty (he/him) is a member of Boston DSA, and has been a member of the NTC for just over a year. He has worked in software for a number of years, and like many, the 2016 election was an eye-opening moment that pushed him into political activism. Ty believes that modernizing and expanding DSA’s technology infrastructure both nationally and among local chapters will be key to sustaining growth as an organization, and hopes to contribute as much as possible to that effort.


Photo of Devin McManus reading from a clipboard, with poster for Julia Salazar in background.

Devin McManus (NTC Asset Manager):

Devin (he/him) is a member of NYC-DSA where he has contributed to tech and member data infrastructure since 2017, particularly as it relates to campaigns such as Julia Salazar for State Senate, Tiffany Cabán for Queens DA, and the campaign for Universal Rent Control in NY State.


Headshot of Rebecca Ruechel

Rebecca Ruechel (Data and Technology Manager @ DSA):

Rebecca (she/they) is DSA’s Data and Technology Manager (as of July 8th) and a member of Milwaukee DSA. She has a background in digital marketing, corporate campaigning, organizing, fundraising, and software/IT. Rebecca is excited to be working with the NTC to achieve our Movement Tech dreams!


Thank you Willie for your service to the NTC!

We’d like to offer a special thank-you to Willie Thompson, who has decided to take a step back from the NTC to focus more on their local chapter work, as well as volunteering efforts with the Democratic Socialists for Bernie organizing team. We owe a lot to Willie for their help on tons of DSA tech projects; sites like Democratic Left, Religious Socialism, the Solidarity Fund, and countless others all had many contributions from Willie.

Retirement of Rocketchat

Our Rocket Chat (formerly has officially been retired due to lack of use. DSA members should continue to use the forum as the primary means of communicating with other members.

NTC-Chapter Tech Mailing List

The NTC has set up a new mailing list, meant to be a channel of communication between the leaders from chapter tech working groups and the NTC. We’re hoping that it can serve as both a means of support for chapters, as well as a way for us to share what we’re working on and avoid duplicating work where possible.

If you’re involved in tech with your local chapter, please request an invite by filling out this form.